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How to Improve A Tired Bathroom

White tiled wall

If your bathroom lacks energy and excitement, it can really start your day on the wrong foot.

Getting up every morning and preparing for the hours ahead in a drab, tired room can get you down and put a damper on your home life.

If this is the case in your home, it is very likely that you are looking into bathroom renovations. You will be happy to know that you don’t need to rip everything out of your room and start again to get a brand-new vibe.

Here are a few tips on improving a tired bathroom, without starting from scratch: Continue reading

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How Businesses Benefit from PVC Wall Panels

As a business owner, you have to ensure your work premises are practical, while giving off a professional vibe. It might not be a solution you’ve considered but PVC wall panels could be the answer to those tatty walls.

Often referred to as bathroom cladding, these wall panels are completely waterproof, hygienic and durable – everything a business is looking for in their wall solutions – and for a reasonable price too.

Here’s a few different types of companies who could benefit from wall cladding:

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Why White Is the Best Colour For A Bathroom

It might seem like using white in your bathroom is a boring and obvious choice, but this colour is popular for a reason.

Aside from adding a timeless and chic edge to your bathroom, the benefits of the colour white in your bathroom are unarguable.

If you are on the fence about a white bathroom, here are some reasons why you should certainly go for it. Continue reading

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Avoiding Bathroom Decorating Mistakes

When it comes to home renovation, you want to make sure that the time and effort that you’re putting in are going to pay off.

Therefore, you want to ensure that there are no simple mistakes that are going to ruin this for you!

To help you out, we have put together a guide to a few key DIY mistakes you should be aware of. In this post, we cover just a few of the crucial pitfalls you should avoid when changing your home décor. Continue reading

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What are the best waterproof bathroom flooring designs?

3d rendering wood modern bathroom with window and stone tile wall in summer

So, you’ve chosen your bathroom suite and installed your waterproof wall panels… there’s just one major factor left to consider – the floor!

Flooring is arguably the most important design feature of your bathroom. Not only does the design itself have a big impression on the room, but it’s crucial that your flooring choice is waterproof, to avoid unwanted damage to your house.

But what waterproof bathroom flooring choices are out there?

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Top tips on increasing light in a small bathroom

The bathroom is where we get ready in the morning, apply our make-up or shave – and so light is crucial here.

If you’re not blessed with windows in your bathroom, fear not. You don’t need to feel like a limpet. We have some great design ideas that will brighten up the place.

So, just how do you create a sense of a light in a dingy bathroom?

We reveal how to do just that, here:

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Five bathroom storage hacks

Storage in small bathrooms can be a challenge. When it seems like your bath and toilet are taking up the majority of the space, it’s hard to figure out where to store your towels and beauty products.

Plus, with all the Pinterest hacks out there, it can seem like everyone is creating new and ingenious ways to store their cotton balls and bath salts.

To help you store things in a practical yet stylish way, here are a few of our favourite hacks for your spatially-challenged bathroom. Continue reading

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How to create a sustainable bathroom

These days, every little helps when it comes to being eco-conscious. Whether that’s recycling, cutting down your water usage, or ditching the single-use items, we can all do more to make our home a bit more eco-friendly.

Can you guess which room has the biggest impact on your home’s sustainability. Well, the kitchen is a close contender, but it’s the bathroom that uses the most water, and so it’s up to you to support the environment with your home habits.

Here are a few things you can change in your bathroom, to make it more sustainable:

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Design Ideas for bathrooms without bathtubs

In the eyes of a homeowner, you may feel that a bathroom without a bathtub is incomplete – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you feel like trying to configure your bathroom is like doing a never-ending jigsaw and your bathroom is small or an awkward shape, there are still ways to make it picture-perfect.

Here’s how to make your tub-less bathroom the perfect relaxation station:

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How our PVC wall cladding smartens up a drab bathroom

If you’ve just moved house and your newly-acquired bathroom is a little worse for wear, fear not – we’re here to help with our wall cladding.

Our PVC wall panels are a great solution to smarten up any weary wet room due to their durable nature and as they are 100% waterproof, they make the perfect partner for any bathroom wall.

We share why you should ditch the tiles and why you’ll be glad you made the switch to PVC wall panels.

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