Are the panels waterproof?
Yes, all of our panels are waterproof and can be used in a shower or wet area. We do recommend applying a small bead of silicone between each panel to create a waterproof seal.

Are the panels fire rated?
Yes, all of our panels are Class 1 Fire Rated.

Can the panels be installed over tiles?
Yes, as long as the tiles are fixed firmly to the walls, we would recommend installing our panels directly over the existing tiles.

How many panels do I need?
To work this out, you will need to measure the width of each wall you are installing the panels onto. Once you have the width of each wall, you will then need to divide this by the width of the panel. This will then provide you with the amount of panels you require.

How much adhesive will I require?
Depending on your wall surface, this can vary but a good indication is one tube of adhesive will be enough to cover two 250mm panels.

How are the panels cut to size?
The panels can be easily cut to size using either a fine toothed hand saw/jigsaw or a stanley knife. You can also use hole cutters to work around any pipework, light fittings or spotlights.

How are the panels cleaned?
The panels can be easily wiped down with a cloth, using warm soapy water. Abrasives or bleaches must not be used on the panels.

Where can I install the panels?
The panels are most known for use in a bathroom area. However, all of our panels can be used within any room within your home and are also a perfect solution for commercial use, restaurants, shops etc. If installing the panels in a kitchen area, a heat resistant glass splash back will need to be installed behind a hob.

How are the panels installed?
The panels are installed on your walls or ceiling using a solvent free adhesive. The panels are then secured into place using small self-tapping screws. The screws will be installed onto the tongue section of the panel and the next panel will then interlock, covering the screws. We also have a complete installation video available here.

Are the panels suitable for exterior use?
No, all of our panels are to be used for internal use only. Installing the panels outdoors will cause discolouration.

Can accessories be attached to the panels?
Yes, you are able to attach pretty much anything to the panels, from soap dish holders to wall hung basins. If installing large objects to the panels, you will just need to ensure there is sufficient support from the wall.