3d rendering wood modern bathroom with window and stone tile wall in summer
So, you’ve chosen your bathroom suite and installed your waterproof wall panels... there's just one major factor left to consider - the floor!
Flooring is arguably the most important design feature of your bathroom. Not only does the design itself have a big impression on the room, but it’s crucial that your flooring choice is waterproof, to avoid unwanted damage to your house.
But what waterproof bathroom flooring choices are out there?

Bathroom floor tiles

A popular choice, bathroom floor tiles may seem like the go-to option when making your decision. Seen in interior design magazines, and all over Pinterest boards, tiles can make a statement.
However, there are things you should be aware of when making your selection.
Contrary to popular belief, tiles are not waterproof. In fact, they're extremely porous by nature, and as a result can contribute to mould and condensation in your bathroom. The grout required to secure them creates a slightly recessed crevice, which builds up with bathroom condensation, developing mould in the humid environment. Once this settles and becomes black, it can stain the grout permanently.
Alongside the health and cleaning implications of bathroom floor tiles, this design option can be very expensive. Not only do floor tiles take up a large amount of your renovation budget, they are also notoriously difficult to install yourself.
In order to ensure the tiles are completely flat and straight, you may want to avoid staring at tile spacers and have a professional installation carry the job out for you. As you can see, tiles can be a very expensive choice and due to the ceramic material - which is easy to crack - may not be the best flooring for bathrooms.

Waterproof bathroom flooring

Modern Bathroom Interior
Flooring panels are a fantastic alternative to tiles and have a large number of benefits for the user.
Firstly, these PVC panels, which can be fitted seamlessly using PVC cladding trim, are so simple to install. You can fit the waterproof bathroom flooring panels yourself using our easy tongue and groove system. This will save you money on hiring a tradesman.
A second benefit, the most important one, is that bathroom floor panels are completely waterproof. The surface of these panels are completely non-porous, and due to the tongue and groove installation system, no gaps are present which eliminates any breeding ground for mould.
Waterproof bathroom flooring panels are also great at retaining heat, which can help reduce your heating bills. Although it may seem like your choice of design is much more varied with tiles, that’s not always the case! Here are two of our favourite designs:

Oak flooring

3d rendering wood bathroom and toilet with daylight from window
We offer a range of designs in waterproof flooring, including the oak grey design. This choice is light and simple, complementing a neutral bathroom design, and fitting in with the majority of themes. Choosing our oak grey colour means you can feel comfortable choosing any overall colour scheme for your bathroom.
If you’re looking for a colour to fit a warmer, cosier bathroom theme, we also offer oak-effect flooring panels in anthracite. Offering a high-quality PVC core finish, our anthracite design can bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom.

Walnut flooring

Alongside our oak range, we also offer waterproof bathroom flooring in a walnut design. These panels are modern and give a realistic wood grain affect, which means that you can achieve the wood flooring look you’re after, on a tight budget.
Now that you know our thoughts on the best flooring for bathrooms, it's up to you which design would suit your bathroom ideas best. If you need support in choosing, please contact a member of our expert team!