Although wall and ceiling panels are most commonly used in the bathroom (their waterproof qualities are perfect for this), there are many uses in the home for interior cladding. Whether it’s a statement wall in the hallway, an alternative to tiles in the kitchen, or a hardwearing wall cladding option in the utility room, there are many ways to use wall panels beyond the bathroom.

These interior cladding ideas will help you to discover the versatility of wall panels.

Brick effect wall panels

These red brick effect wall panels are ideal for any room in the house, with an industrial, pared back feel that makes them great for use as a feature wall. Red brick walls are commonly found in converted homes, such as warehouse lofts or barn conversions, so although they might seem like a modern choice, they’ll fit right in in homes of all sorts of styles.

These brick wall panels are digitally printed to create a 3D effect on each individual brick, making them ideal for cladding the walls in any room of the house, whether that be the living room, hallway, bedroom, or kitchen, and creating a look with a sense of depth. Especially if your home doesn’t have aged red brick interior walls (which most don’t!), this can be a great way to achieve your perfect look at a fraction of the price.

Alternatively, these grey brick effect wall panels are ideal for creating a warm, shaker-style look in your home. Unlike red brick effect panels, due to their neutral colour they can comfortably be used to cover all four walls of the room. Paired with wooden floors, you’ll have a natural New England style home in no time at all.

Stone effect wall panels

These stone effect wall panels are ideal for modern homes. They have a neutral earth-toned colour which makes them a great choice for homes with a nature-inspired style. Cover one wall in a bright hallway with them or create a feature wall in the living area as seen in the picture above.

Each tile is individually printed with a realistic matt finish and a 3D effect which makes them stand out, meaning that they’re ideal for spaces where they can be fully appreciated. Whether you live in a new build apartment or modern home with a floor to ceiling view, these stone effect wall panels are ideal for bringing character into what otherwise could be a plain space.

Subway tile cladding

Subway tiles are all over Pinterest and interiors magazines, and they’re great for use in any area that you need tiling. Subway style tiles have been popular ever since they were introduced to the interior design world, but they’ve recently seen a renaissance as clean, minimal looks become hugely popular again, especially in kitchens.

Although our subway tile wall panel sheets are 260cm in length, they can easily be cut down to size to be installed as a splashback in the kitchen, utility room or bathroom. Our subway tile wall panels are ideal for finishing off a modern space with a vintage feel. Each panel has a crisp, bevel edged tile design and a 3D finish making them look realistic. They’re also exceptionally hardwearing, just like the rest of our wall panels.