Planning and designing your dream bathroom is exciting, but it’s not always easy to conceptualise. With bathroom design software, however, you can produce a realistic visual of your bathroom plans, by choosing your ideal layout, floorplan, materials, and personal accents.

Space planning and 3D modelling software is now more accessible than ever and eliminates the need for laborious manual planning and measurement-taking. With just a few clicks, you can view your remodelling plan with accurate measurements; plus, a host of alternate textures, finishes and fixtures. This allows you to try out lots of different styles and approaches before committing to your desired look.

This blog gathers seven of the best free-to-use bathroom design packages to help you plan your dream bathroom.

Room to Do           

Room to Do is a cloud-based design platform that offers straightforward space planning and interior design in your browser. It boasts a large selection material finishes including carpets, ceramic tiles, stone, wood, and wallpaper, that you can later visualise using the innovative ‘Walk view mode.’ This setting enables you to walk through your project virtually, so that you can achieve a holistic view and feel of the space. The app itself is easy to use, too, thanks to its set of unique drawing tools that allow you to simplify intricate angles (e.g. walls with complex shapes), producing an accurate projection of your bathroom remodel.

Virtual Bathroom Planner/Room Styler

Offering an array of material finishes in a well-organised library, this app enables you to create lifelike 3D bathroom plans with just a few clicks. Choose from ready-made templates, or configure your own in a 2D format, before converting it to a 3D view. Furnishing your floorplan is quick and easy, too, thanks to the simple drag and drop feature.

Easy Planner 3D by Opun Planner

Opun’s Easy Planner 3D is a free interior design app that enables plans and photorealistic designs for all rooms in the home – including bathrooms. The platform offers a clean, intuitive interface where the most useful commands are displayed for ease of use. It’s quick, too, and just one click will convert your 2D concept into a 3D reality.

Room Sketcher

Room Sketcher allows you to create a 2D plan based on the actual measurements of your bathroom. Choose your desired colour, furniture, textures, and fixtures before viewing your project in 3D. The app also features some brilliant bathroom ideas and concepts, which you can adapt to fit your plan as you go.

Space Designer 3D

This online app features a smart, modern interface that is revered by professionals and amateur room planners alike. The material library features over 1500 furniture pieces, which can be easily incorporated into your design via drag and drop. And if your bathroom plans are successful, why not take advantage of the app’s entire house-planning functions?

Planner 5D

Arguably the most extensive free interior design app, Planner 5D makes it easy to plan rooms down to the smallest architectural details, including stairs, windows, and partitions. Like Room Sketcher, Planner 5D features inspirational designs in their comprehensive gallery, all of which are rendered in impressive 3D graphics. Despite its extensive features, like adding interior arches to your plans, Planner 5D is intuitive and easy to use, and rightly earns the plaudits it receives.

Home by Me (free trial)

Offering a free trial of its premium services, Home by Me is a downloadable room planner that produces photorealistic space renderings. Get started quickly by selecting a template or sketch your own 2D plan, before adding personal touches from the comprehensive library, which includes all the main features like doors, windows, floors, and stairs, as well as personal accents, decorations, furnishings, and fixtures. When you have finished tinkering with your plan, convert your 2D sketch to a 3D rendering with one click.