A bathroom should be a place that you enjoy spending time in, whether it’s a personal retreat or a practical family bathroom. At the end of a long day, it’s ideal to be able to relax in a hot bath – but for one reason or the other, we often don’t.

This article will provide you with inspiration as to how to create a relaxing, nature-inspired bathroom. By incorporating elements of wood, plants and natural stone, as well as neutral colours, so that you can create a space that is warm and welcoming whilst also referencing the great outdoors.

Use wood effect wall panels

Incorporating wood into your bathroom can be a great method of making it a more relaxing space. Decorating neutrally not only allows you to create a timeless space, it also helps to keep the room looking clean. Contrast neutral walls with wood effect wall panels to frame your walk-in shower or bath. These grey wall panels look fantastic against white walls, their matt finish follows a unique pattern mirroring the grain of wood.

Wood effect bathroom wall panels are more practical than using real wood, as they’re 100% waterproof and won’t need treatment or upkeep in order to stop them warping over time.

Choosing humidity loving plants

Incorporating plants into your bathroom is a great way to balance oxygen levels, and of course they also create a gorgeous display to enjoy day after day. The great thing about humidity loving plants is that they are easy to take care of.

Aloe Vera in particular make perfect bathroom plants. As they’re a succulent (a type of plant with thick fleshy leaves containing water), Aloes don’t need to be frequently watered, making them low maintenance. Despite the minimal upkeep they require, they offer loads of benefits. The most well-known is that the juice inside the fronds of the plant is a soothing gel great for replenishing dry skin or relieving minor pain.

Spider plants are another great humidity loving plant for use in the bathroom. They grow very quickly and love indirect light and regular watering. As they grow, baby plants sprout along the stems of the main plant. These baby spider plants can be removed from the main plant at a certain point and each can be grown into another whole adult.

Orchids are also ideal for bathrooms, especially if they’re well heated, as they thrive in humidity and will bloom for weeks at a time. However, orchids are harder to maintain than our other humidity loving plant suggestions, so they might be best left to the more green-fingered renovators. They like moderate to bright light, depending on the variety.

Go for neutral colours

The colour of your bathroom has a massive effect on how relaxing or natural it feels, and some colours are much more likely to create a calming vibe than others. Neutral colours are a good choice for bathrooms as they provide a blank canvas to let other elements of your bathroom take centre stage. They also reflect the outdoors: beige can mirror sand, wood and pebbles, and grey can mirror water, stone and sky.

These are all elements that can have a calming effect and create a room that you can really relax in. If you choose to go for neutral wall panels, be sure to use white or off-white for the walls around the wall panels in order to keep the colour scheme consistently neutral and complementary.

Use stone effect wall panels

Use stone effect wall panels to evoke the calmness and serenity of a spa, as well as the outdoors. These Travertine bathroom wall panels are ideal for creating a warm and relaxing area in the bathroom. They’re also neutral enough to be used to cover all walls of the bathroom if you decide.

Even though they look like tiles, these wall panels don’t come with any of the installation or maintenance problems that tiles are known for. They’re easy to fit, quick to clean, don’t require grouting that can develop mould, and won’t discolour or warp through getting wet.