Modern Bathrrom

Here at DBS Bathrooms, we understand that your main concerns at home will be your safety and security.
A huge part of making sure that there are as few liabilities as possible in your home, is to properly ensure fire resistance. This is not only true for kitchens and bedrooms, but bathrooms too.
While you may think that with all that water, bathroom is an unlikely place for a fire to spread but you’d be wrong. There are several factors you may be overlooking.
If you are wondering how bathroom fires can start, or how you can ensure your bathroom is fire-retardant, read on.

Choose bathroom cladding

Our customers’ safety is paramount when it comes to our products. Therefore, we ensure all our wall panels are class 1 fire certified.
If you’re looking to make some improvements to your home safety, then swapping your tiles for our fire-resistant PVC bathroom cladding is an inexpensive, simple way to start.
Our wall panels are resistant to the spread of flames, and are designed to turn black and not ignite if a naked flame is exposed to them. The cladding we supply would not contribute towards a large-scale fire, such as the Grenfell Tower disaster of 2017.

Electrical sockets

One of the main fire hazards to avoid in bathroom is mixing electricity and water.
The best way to avoid any accidents or fire-related injuries occurring in your bathroom is to strictly keep all electrical sockets out of the bathroom. This will make sure that no water drips or leaks onto them, which could easily cause problems.
If the sockets must be there, then reduce the risk of a fire by ensuring that they are at least three metres away from the bath or shower. This will mean that they will avoid any water spray reduced when you are using these features.

Baths with candles


At the end of a gruelling day, there are not many things as relaxing as easing into a warm bath, surrounded by candles. However, it is vital to practise proper fire safety when doing so.
Leaving candles lit and unattended when you’re done lounging in the tub can pose hazardous.
Therefore, to avoid any accidents it is extremely important to remember to blow out the flames when you’ve finished in the bathroom.
Along with this, having fire-resistant bathroom cladding will ensure that your room has extra protection against naked flames.

Light fixtures

Ceiling halogen lamp

Keeping electric sockets out of the bathroom is all well and good, however, having lights in the room is unavoidable.
There are certain steps that you can take with your light fixtures to greatly improve the safety of the room.
Light switches that can be operated with a pull string and ceiling lights that are enclosed, rather than hanging down, have a higher level of fire protection and are less likely to cause fire issues further down the line.
As you can see, there are quite a few ways you can improve your safety in your home and boost the fire resistance levels of your bathroom.
For more information on our bathroom cladding options or ceiling cladding, which is also fire-retardant, feel free to contact our specialist team who are always more than happy to help.