There are a few different design approaches to installation and maintenance when it comes to décor for your bathroom walls.
But if like us, you’d prefer to ditch hassle in favour of a grout-free life and leave the thought of peeling damp wallpaper in your nightmares, then it’s certainly time to file the tiles.
Here we share the major differences between plastic wall panels and tiles, to enable you to choose which is best for your bathroom:


Our shower panels reduce turnaround times when completing a renovation, and as they have a much larger surface area than tiles, and therefore, fewer things to install. Because of their large size they take far less time to remove and replace too.
Wet wall panels don’t require grout, unlike their tile counterparts. To make your life a breeze, you can even place them over the top of existing tiles. Shower panels can be installed using adhesive and then either stapled, screwed or pinned to the wall for extra support while the adhesive dries.
Tiles require lots of patience as you will need to make sure they are not only straight and evenly spaced but they also need to be level to avoid breakages.
And if time is of the essence and you have a big family, you’re not going to want to spend days avoiding the bathroom, waiting for tiles to set.


Tiles require far more cleaning and aren’t waterproof unlike shower wall panels. Wall panels are one method of bathroom mould prevention.
We recommend our wet wall panels as they don’t require grout. This means that they’re not at risk of coming lose like tiles when the grout begins to disintegrate and crack.

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This cement-based mixture is incredibly susceptible to moisture and if left unsealed, tiles can become impervious to water.
This means any splashes can seep down into the grout and weaken the tile and its adhesive. In turn, this encourages mould to grow. This can be incredibly annoying and frustrating to remove.
Wet wall panels are 100% waterproof and so easy to clean, making them incredibly hygienic. They are also great for use as splash backs in kitchens for this very reason.


Our plastic wall panels come in various designs, and are popular when it comes to a more modern approach. There are colour and styles available such as marble or sparkle effects, so you’re sure to find something to suit any bathroom setting.


Plastic wall cladding is also a great way to hide imperfect or badly painted walls. Take away the stress about having to strip old tiles off the wall before you can even get started. With no need to take a trip to the local tip, your new shower panels can simply be placed on top of the existing surface.
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If your plastering skills aren’t up to much, tiling can be a bit of a chore as they need to be laid as level as possible. If you’re not up to this task yourself and you can’t rope your dad into it, then chances are, you’re going to mount up some extra costs to get the job done.


It may not be something you considered, but shower panels are fabulous for retaining heat, while tiles can get incredibly cold and let lots of heat escape.
On a winter’s day, you could lose more heat from your bathroom’s chilly tiles than you would from the radiators.
If you want plastic wall cladding that is simple to fit and looks professional when installed, you’ve come to the right place. Here at DBS, we can help you with these bathroom décor requirements so contact us today.
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