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Last month there was an awful fire in an apartment block in London, in which the cladding being used on the building was reported to have contributed to the spread of the fire.
The cladding used in the Grenfell Tower tragedy was exterior cladding that proved to not be fire-resistant. It consisted of two aluminium sheets with a polyethylene core, which is considered a flammable material. This meant that when the fire started, it spread to other areas in the building much quicker than it should have.
The type of cladding used in Grenfell is also installed on many high-rise buildings around the country but fortunately, is now being replaced. Experts have called for cladding which features a mineral core to be installed, as it’s considered to be much less flammable and poses less of a fire risk to those living in high-rise flats and apartments.

Internal cladding

All of the cladding that we supply at DBS Bathrooms is intended for internal use only, as it is not designed to be weather-resistant. Our internal cladding panels, which are perfectly safe for indoor use, are designed for decorative purposes. They can come in a variety of colours, shapes and effects to suit the interior of any room in the home. Internal cladding is a durable and safe alternative to traditional tiles.

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Class 1 Fire Rated

Although we care about the design and material quality of our products, our customers’ safety is our primary concern when it comes to creating wall and ceiling panels.
The cladding that we supply here at DBS is Class 1 Fire Rated, so is resistant to the spread of flames. It has been specifically designed to turn black and not ignite if a naked flame is exposed to it, which means that it’s impossible for our cladding to contribute to the spread of a fire.
We are extremely upset about the atrocities which took place in Grenfell Tower last month and our thoughts are with those affected by the fire.