Tired of a gloomy bathroom that starts your day off in the wrong way? These upgrade ideas are an excellent way to bring your bathroom back to life.
Before you begin the renovation, consider each part of the bathroom separately and decide what parts of the room are contributing most to its dreary look. By addressing these, you’ll be able to have the biggest impact on the room as a whole, with the least amount of effort.

Remember, selecting good quality materials may mean a higher cost during the renovation but will also save you money in the future. Try to find the median between cost, quality, and practicality. You want to improve your bathroom in a long-lasting way without going over your budget.

Bathroom upgrade ideas

Replace floor covering

The floor of a bathroom is a huge factor in the overall appearance of the room as it’s a surface that covers the whole area of the room. If your tiles are chipped or cracked, or if the lino is pulling away, it’s worth investing in a new floor covering to smarten things up.
Tile-look or laminate-look vinyl floor coverings are becoming increasingly popular as you can style them in any way. They’re hard wearing, and they will also be easy to clean; however, tiles and oak flooring will always be popular.
You could also consider underfloor heating to make the stroll to the shower a little easier in the mornings. This is also a great alternative to radiators if you have a small room with limited accessible wall space.

Replace tiles with wall panels

Wall panels are the perfect alternative to regular tiles when it comes to sprucing up a bathroom. Add them around the bath and shower for no-fuss waterproof walls, as well as behind the sink if necessary.
Because you can install them directly over your existing tiles, they’re a simple DIY project that can be handled without outside assistance. This also means that they’re perfect for covering up any chipped or damaged tiles, if you’re not interested in removing them.
These tile-effect wall panels are ideal for a spa style bathroom, or these wood effect wall panels are ideal for small bathrooms or bathrooms with small windows as they come in lighter shades.

Choose new fixtures

Rusty or leaky taps and stained shower equipment can be a real eyesore in the bathroom. They don’t look clean and, over time, limescale and soap scum can build up and stain the hardware. Choosing new chrome fittings for your bathroom can be a way to instantly update it.
Modern style mixer taps are ideal as it’s easy to get the perfect temperature of water. No more choosing between washing your hands with ice cold or boiling hot water.
For a bit of comfort, try adding a heated towel rail, which is pretty much a modern take on the radiator. This will keep your towels nice and toasty for when you get out of the bath or shower.
A new shower tray will also really update the space in your bathroom so that it feels cleaner and more modern.

Decide on new furniture

Choosing new bathroom cabinets could really affect the way that your bathroom looks. Mirrored cabinets are great for reflecting light around a room and reduce the need for a separate bathroom mirror, however they can get dirty with splashes quite quickly.
Depending on the style of your home, you could choose any style of furniture. Looking for something modern? Look at Scandinavian style pieces made from glass, metal, and wood. Looking for something more traditional? Period style furniture looks great in older homes. With an upgrade comes the chance to create exactly the kind of bathroom you want to start your day in.