There are multiple benefits to water conservation at home, with the main two being saving money while also being environmentally friendly. Conserving water means using water wisely so that you don’t contribute to unnecessary water wastage. Saving water in the bathroom can also save energy, as energy is needed to filter, heat and pump water into the home, so reducing water wastage also reduces your energy footprint. These simple ways to save water will help you to amend your habits.

How to save water with the sink

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

Save up to 12 litres of water each time by turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth. There really is no need for water to stream down the sink whilst you brush – so instead of letting it run, wet your toothbrush and turn it off until you need to spit and rinse.

Fix the dripping tap

That dripping tap has been annoying you for months, but because it’s not doing any harm, it’s a job that’s been put off for a while, right? Wrong. Something as simple as fixing a dripping tap can save a lot of water. It’s estimated that fixing one tap can reduce your water bill by 10% annually.

Install water efficient taps

Water efficient taps exist, and they’re actually quite common these days. Taps with low water consumption features have aerators that reduce the flow of water by up to 10 litres per minute, meaning that you’ll save money and water too.

How to save water in the bath

Limit bathing – shower instead

Although baths are a lovely way to relax at the end of a long day, a shower is a much better way to bathe in terms of saving water. The average 8 minute shower uses around 62 litres of hot water, compared with 80 litres for a bath.

Reuse the bath water

This one’s definitely not for everyone, and it might sound a little too frugal for some readers, but sharing bath water is a great way of cutting down on waste. Sharing bath water by taking turns to bath in the same bath is something that’s been done in decades past, but it’s fallen out of favour recently. If you decide to bring it back just remember the old adage – cleanest person first, muckiest person last!

How to save water in the shower

Turn off the shower while you shampoo, or shave your legs

Similar to turning off the tap whilst you brush your teeth, turning off the shower whilst you shampoo or soap up is a great way to save water – although it may only be possible during the warmer summer months.

Use a shower timer

Shower timers are available for free from your water supplier, as they help to regulate the time you spend in the shower. When you get in, simply flip the timer, and you’ll have four minutes to get washed. It’s longer than you think!

How to save water with the toilet

Use a dual flush toilet

Dual flush toilets are high efficiency and they conserve water by offering a choice of two different toilet flush volumes – low for liquids and full for solids. Compared to regular toilets, dual flush loos save around 67% of water, so make the switch.

Get a flush bag

For those who don’t have a dual flush toilet, flush bags are a good alternative. They are absorbent plastic bags that can be dropped into toilet cisterns to expand and take up some of the space that would normally be filled by water. These bags save up to 1 litre of water every time you flush and are available through your water supplier for free.