panelled bathroom
You may be happy with your tile purchase for the first few weeks, but once they reveal their dark side, you might change your mind.
Tiles are a notorious breeding ground for damp and mould, adding hours to your spring-cleaning time and ruining your relaxing bathroom aesthetic.
So, if blackened grout and pink grime are getting a bit too much, it could be time to put a refreshing new twist on your bathroom.
Wall panelling is the perfect way to say no to the chores associated with tiles, and instead give you a bathroom you can be proud of, with minimal maintenance.
To find out more about how wet wall panels can improve your home and even your way of life, read on:


All our shower wall panels are 100% waterproof, so say goodbye to weekends filled with scouring away mould, and hello to more relaxation time.
This grout-free option is perfect for all your bathroom needs. It can be used everywhere including all shower, bath and wet areas as it can be simply wiped clean, ready for the next person who needs a scrub!

Alternative to tiles

mouldy grout
As we have already mentioned, our decorative wall panels are a fantastic alternative to tiling.
Their simple tongue and groove system is so easy to install.
If de-tiling your wall puts you off of making changes to your bathroom, then you’ll be pleased to know that these panels can be stuck on top of existing tiles with adhesive. This cuts down on hours of refurbishment time.

Colour and design

This decorative PVC wall cladding comes in a variety of colours, styles and designs, and is versatile in where it can be used.
Whether you need white sparkly panels for your child’s playroom, or pearlescent panelling for a classy bathroom look, it is easy to find something that will match your needs.

Subtle or bold

Shower wall panels can give a classic, subtle appearance to the bathroom, while not overpowering the existing décor of your home.
On the contrary, if it’s an ‘exciting’ look that you’re after, consider the bright range such as red or purple PVC wall cladding. This will add a blast of colour to your room, while remaining sophisticated and affordable.


If you aren’t looking to redesign your bathroom, but want to reap the benefits of this cladding, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s extremely versatile!
You can use it to create a pretty backsplash for your kitchen, or a DIY art piece for your living room. It can even be used to make an accent wall for your office, as these panels are designed with a texture that suits any room.

Compatible trim

bathroom trim
The fear that you may not be able to find bathroom trim to match your new panels may be keeping you awake at night.
But worry not. We stock a wide range of beautifully compatible trim to achieve a professional finish and ensure consistency throughout your room.

Hide a multitude of sins

One of the best things about these panels is that they hide imperfections or uneven walls, and instead present pleasing patterns that can bring new life to any room.
They can also be simply glued over the wall, cutting down on time spent redesigning and cleaning.
So, there you have it. Seven reasons why PVC wall cladding is well worth the investment.
If you can’t wait to get to work on improving your bathroom then get in touch today. We’re more than happy to help you in any way we can.