Is the sight of horrible pink grime between your tiles distracting you from your relaxing bath? Or are you finding yourself spending more time scrubbing at your shower tiles than actually in the shower?
If this sounds painfully familiar to you, then it’s time to revisit your wall options.
Our PVC wall panels are the dream solution for any bathroom, regardless of its size. Here’s why you should be investing in them today:

Say no to grout

The sight of grout crumbling into smithereens is enough to send anyone into despair.
Therefore, you will be happy to know that we have the perfect plan to escape this dreary situation and get back to relaxing – bathroom panelling.
If you’ve tried to fill in bits of grout that have cracked away, you’ll know how hard it is to get a colour match and make it look presentable again.

In comparison, our PVC wall panels don’t require grout as they can simply be installed on top of existing tiles using the tongue and groove method, and adhesive.

Banish mould for good

A common reason for mould appearing is that a room is not adequately ventilated.
Opening windows while you shower and installing a ventilation fan are great ways to stop this, and if mould patches have already appeared, you can remove these by following our tips.
However, it’s best to prevent mould growth in the first place which you can do by installing wall cladding, as this is 100% waterproof and therefore, less susceptible to breeding bacteria.

Cut down endless cleaning

If you feel like it was only yesterday when you were on your hands and knees scrubbing the tiles, that’s because it probably was, as tiles have a bad habit of becoming grimy quickly.

With wall cladding, you can simply wipe your walls clean. Even better, because they cover a large surface area, it’s so much quicker than taking a hard-bristled brush to all the crevasses found with tiles.

Uneven or untidy walls

Not got around to fixing a bad tiling job? Or maybe the walls of your bathroom are uneven?
A great way to disguise these mishaps, and restore your room to its former glory, is to use our bathroom panelling. Again, this can be fitted directly on top of tiles, hiding any imperfections.

Keep out creeping cold

It’s hard to believe they can solve anymore household woes but wall cladding, which can also be used as PVC ceiling cladding to cover bad painting, is a superb insulator.
This means that you can say no to lost heat and higher energy bills, and say hello to toasty warm morning showers.
There you have it, five ways that wall panels will help you fall in love with your bathroom all over again. If you need any extra help and advice with choosing the perfect panels for you, our friendly team are always more than happy to help so get in touch today!