Bathroom designs require time, dedication and in most cases…money!
More extensive renovations could require tough jobs like relaying pipework and laying a new floor, but sometimes, all a bathroom needs is a makeover to make it appear as good as new.
When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, the smallest things can make a big difference, and sometimes they can change the look without the need to alter the bathroom layout.
If you’re not looking to loosen the purse strings substantially, then here are some manageable tweaks you can make to help redesign a bathroom without changing its current layout:

Install a wetwall

The benefits of a wetwall is endless! A fabulous addition to any bathroom, their mould-resistant, waterproof structure leaves your bathroom sparkling.
To construct your own wetwall, you’ll need to attach affordable plastic wall panels to your bathroom walls. A wet wall panel can simply be glued over an existing surface, even over tiles, providing you with an easier set up.

Lay waterproof bathroom flooring

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One of the biggest flaws with popular bathroom flooring options is the peeling of laminate or the mouldy grout you often find in between tiles.
To combat any of these potential issues, it could be in your best interest to invest in affordable waterproof bathroom flooring.
Not only do surfaces of this kind help you cut time on some of the more difficult bathroom cleaning tasks, but they come in an array of designs and colours allowing you to complement your bathroom features and fixtures.

Throw out your old shower curtain

Shower curtains are perfect for privacy but can be a nuisance when it comes to cleaning.
An old grotty shower curtain can sometimes become a lost cause and impossible to clean, so due to the grimy effect it can give your bathroom, it’s well worth buying a new one for just a few pounds.
The amount of damp and mould that can be found on a shower curtain make it the perfect breeding ground for mould. To avoid harming those in your home, purchase a new one in a colour or pattern that matches your bathroom’s overall look.

Paint old features

When it comes to ageing bathroom fixtures, there are a few clever ways you can rejuvenate them.
If their colour is beginning to fade, go ahead and give them a fresh lick of paint, as this can be enough to make them look as good as new.
When you opt to use anti-mould paint, you can prevent even further damage to your bathroom fixtures and features. This painting option is available in many colours, so you can keep up-to-date with all the latest trends.

Purchase a plant

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To bring a bit of life to your bathroom, purchase a small plant to place on top of your vanity cabinet or other fixtures.
A plant will give your bathroom a unique and original appearance, but more importantly, it can help you naturally dehumidify your bathroom after you’ve indulged in a shower or bath.
Now we’re in the full swing of spring, it’s the perfect time to redesign a bathroom. With the advice we’ve provided, you can now make some simple tweaks to give your bathroom a whole new look with little money spent or effort made.
Get in touch with DBS bathrooms today if you require any guidance on the perfect wall or flooring solutions to achieve your desired look.
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