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Scandinavian Bathroom Inspiration

scandinavian bathroom

Over the past few years, there’s been a real emphasis on interior spaces that are designed with wellbeing and lifestyle in mind. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of life, it’s something that has also trickled down into bathroom design. Scandinavian inspired bathrooms often include natural materials such as wood, glass and ceramic, natural light, and the use of warm neutrals like grey and beige.

Inspired by Scandinavian spas and saunas, there’s plenty of ways to be inspired by this design trend in the bathroom – even on a budget. These bathroom décor ideas will introduce a touch of warmth and character to your home, incorporating elements of wood, greenery and monochrome colour palettes.

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Landlord Decorating Tips for Bathrooms

landlord rental agreement

When a long-term rental tenancy comes to an end, it can often be a stressful time for landlords. The pressure of filling the property with reliable tenants quickly can often mean that repairs and redecoration aren’t as thorough as they should be.

The bathroom can often make or break a rental property for prospective tenants. Mouldy grout, dated taps and unsightly tiles have the potential to put off good tenants who might choose to go elsewhere.  Empty properties can cost you hundreds of pounds a month, so it’s important to not risk the wrong outcome. The bathroom should be clean, modern and welcoming – perfect for tenants.

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How To Seal A Shower

Modern bathroom design

If your shower seal has deteriorated over time, chances are you’ll have some unwanted water gathering on your bathroom floor at best. Worst case, there’s undetected water gathering in your walls and damaging the structure of your home.

A leaking shower is often caused by grouting that has deteriorated over time. It might sound like a big job sealing the leak, but that’s not the case at all, which is why we’ve written a guide to help you seal that leaking shower once and for all.

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Ways To Incorporate Wood Into Your Bathroom

contemporary bathroom and with bathroom panels

Wood is a versatile material in interior design and is used for flooring, wall coverings, and furniture around the world.

There are different types of wood that are used in home interiors, from oak to pine, each with its own set of qualities. Generally, though, all types of wood are used primarily for the qualities they have in common.

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How To Seal A Bath

If your bath seal has deteriorated over the years, sealing it yourself couldn’t be easier. It’s one of those jobs that sounds harder than it is and if you’re worried about it looking unprofessional, we have just the trick for you.

A deteriorated bath seal can create crevices for bacteria and mould to grow. It can also let water into parts of your home where it shouldn’t be, resulting in water damage to the walls, floor, electrics and, more worryingly, structural elements of your house. Even a small leak can go unnoticed and, over time, settle in the foundation of the house, encouraging damp.

Mould in Bathtub

Here’s how you can fix and seal your bath and give it a professional finish using bath trim. Bath trim hides the join between tiled surfaces or wall panels around the bath. It will also cover any imperfections in the silicone you have used to seal where your bath meets the wall.

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How To Hang A Mirror Over Bathroom Panels

bathroom mirror over wall panels

Bathroom mirrors are one of those bathroom accessories that are sorely missed when you don’t have one. If the bathroom is where you do your grooming but you’ve not installed a mirror for fear of damaging your wall panels, chances are that you’ve noticed the lack of functionality not being able to see yourself brings.

However, after reading this instructional guide on how to hang a mirror over bathroom wall panels, you’ll have no excuse not to have one. Fitting a mirror might look daunting to the novice DIYer, but with the help of a friend and the right drill, it’s quite straightforward.

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A Beginners Guide to Bathroom Adhesive

bathroom adhesive application

With so many types of adhesive out there, it can be confusing trying to figure out which type is best for each purpose. However, there are specific bathroom adhesives out there which have specific qualities making them perfect for bathroom use.

Taking the time to familiarise yourself with some of the bathroom adhesives on the market will save you a lot of frustration when you come to needing to use one yourself. Most adhesives promise a firm hold but with so many different types of surface in the bathroom, it’s essential to find the right adhesive for your needs.

Because surfaces need preparing before applying the adhesive and you then have to wait for it to dry, returning to find out that you’ve used the wrong type can be a frustrating experience.

Get it right first time with our guide to bathroom adhesive.

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Commercial Bathroom Design and Fitting Tips

restaurant bathroom cladding

As a business owner or manager, there are so many things to consider when it comes to keeping your customers happy – from pricing to customer service. One thing that’s often overlooked or neglected, however, is the quality and suitability of facilities, and more specifically bathrooms.

If the rest of your business is in good working order, addressing your commercial bathroom can be a quick win for further improving the perception of your business.

Offering a high standard commercial bathroom to your customers can hugely benefit a business. By giving your customers a better experience, you’re increasing the likelihood of them returning and recommending the business to friends and colleagues.

As a customer there’s nothing more off-putting than a dirty, unhygienic, or poorly designed commercial bathroom. So, make sure you get your bathroom right. Whether it’s in a café, restaurant, shop, or any other commercial setting, follow our 3 biggest commercial bathroom tips.

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Is Mould in the Bathroom Dangerous?

black mould in bathroom

Anyone who’s ever cleaned a bathroom will know how annoying black mould can be. It seems to be able to build up in the grouting between wall tiles no matter how well you stay on top of your bathroom cleaning duties, making it seem like there’s no point in cleaning in the first place.

Outside of how unsightly and difficult to keep at bay black mould is – should you be concerned if it rears its head in your bathroom? Is black mould in the bathroom dangerous or is it something you can ignore?

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Bathroom Trends That Can Put Off Buyers

When the latest bathroom trends are constantly changing, it can be tempting to keep up with them by regularly updating your bathroom with the latest features and fittings. However, there are certain trends that you’ll want to steer clear from if you’re planning to sell your home. Some bathroom trends can actually make your bathroom less appealing to buyers! Continue reading

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