Modern bathroom with textured feature walll

You may already have one in your living room or bedroom, but a feature wall is a great interior design idea for your bathroom. Feature walls are a good way to introduce personality, dimension and interest to a bathroom. Whether you have a small room or a larger room, everyone can make use of a bathroom feature wall.

Feature walls can be made from painting a wall a certain colour, adding bathroom wallpaper or even adding bathroom wall panels. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Whilst feature walls have been a staple of living rooms and bedrooms across the world for decades, they haven’t been as popular in bathrooms – where generally, people like to keep things simple. But straying away from tradition isn’t a bad thing, and bathroom feature walls are a great way to inject luxury and personality into the bathroom.

Why add a bathroom feature wall?

When considering adding a bathroom feature wall, you should think about what colours to use. Use complementary colours to make sure that whatever you choose matches with the existing bathroom pieces in your home.

To define the space in a larger room, use accent walls from wall panels, paint or wallpaper. Wall panels are a great way to add a feature wall without the expense of tiles and labour.

Which wall should I choose?

Choose a feature wall that highlights a focal point in the room. If you have a walk in shower, you might want to choose the feature wall to be the wall behind the shower. Dual sinks make another great feature and would look great highlighted by feature wall cladding. If you’re lucky enough to have a freestanding bath, make it pop with a textured feature wall to add another dimension to the space.

Add texture

Textured stone effect wall panels are ideal for creating a feature wall that’s fit for a luxury tropical hotel. Install them on the wall behind your floor-to-ceiling glass shower screen and mount a rainfall shower head to complete the look.

Add pattern

As people want to add interest to their bathrooms without having to renovate the entire space, bathroom wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular. Go with something bold and colourful, like a floral or graphic print, to add some vintage cool to your space.

However, be aware that normal wallpaper will eventually peel off bathroom walls, as the steam in the bathroom will loosen the adhesive. Choose the correct adhesive and wallpaper to avoid this issue in the future.