In the eyes of a homeowner, you may feel that a bathroom without a bathtub is incomplete – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.
If you feel like trying to configure your bathroom is like doing a never-ending jigsaw and your bathroom is small or an awkward shape, there are still ways to make it picture-perfect.
Here’s how to make your tub-less bathroom the perfect relaxation station:

So, no tub doesn’t need to mean despair, as a wet room will allow you to have a smart, stylish and sleek bathroom, that is easy to work with.
If a bathtub isn’t in your budget right now, a wet room is an equally relaxing asset to install.

Decorative wall panels

And, to create the perfect enclosure without breaking the bank, our decorative wall panels are perfect to make the walls look a little more exciting.
These are available in a range of colours from neutral palettes like gloss white and marble, through to the bright shades such as red and purple.
For a smooth and sleek effect all around your shower area, our bathroom panelling is 100% waterproof. As there’s no grout used, each wet wall panel is super easy to clean and even easier to install.
If it’s rough edges you’re worried about then fear not, as our PVC cladding trims are the perfect solution for hiding panel edges.

Add practical storage

If space is limited, you could invest in vanity cupboards which double up as a mirror to help the light reflect around, making the bathroom appear much bigger. This helps immensely in rooms where natural light is limited.

Under-sink pieces are great ways to hold towels and other accessories if you feel that the bathroom seems a little empty. A few little wicker baskets are really useful to hold your shower gels and neatly placed on a wooden shelving unit, truly radiate that chic feel.

Add a piece of furniture

Without a bath as the main focus of the room, you may want to add an interesting but useful feature, such as a cute ladder shelf or a relaxing chair.
If your bathroom is verging on the small side, using freestanding furniture will mean that you can navigate easily. This means, unlike fitted units, that you can move them round when you get fed up – making cleaning much easier.

If you need some more design ideas or to get some more advice on how to install our wall cladding, call our experts today. We’re more than happy to help.