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Your bathroom is arguably the most used room in your home, by you, as well as your guests. Regardless of its functionality, there’s no reason why your bathroom can’t be as comfortable as your living room. All it requires is a couple of touches, with some of little expense.
To bring comfort to your suite, have a look at these handy tips on how to make your bathroom the cosiest room in the house.

Use your space wisely

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One of the first steps to consider when thinking about comfort, is how the features are laid out in the bathroom. You don’t want things to be too compact.
Space gives off the feeling of comfort and from a physiological perspective, a tidy room can de-stress your mind.
For most bathrooms, the bath itself is the room’s centrepiece and takes up a lot space. If your room is small to begin with, then it may be best to replace the tub with a shower that takes up less space. Wet wall shower panels and plastic shower panels are great choices to bolster the new wash area, due to their waterproofing and fire-resistant qualities respectively.
Another benefit of replacing your bath with a shower - especially with a low-flow shower head - is that it’s considerably cheaper considering the gallons of water you’d otherwise use.
It’s important to remember that small tiles can give the illusion of a smaller space. The grout lines can give the wall a ‘grid-like’ look which can make you feel boxed into your bathroom. Shower panels are large, easy and less time-consuming to install and help banish the feeling of a small space.

Update plain walls

Plain walls may give the effect of extra space, but can give a clinical vibe, so for a bathroom, it’s perhaps best to invest in a different design, especially if relaxation is on your mind!
If you’re looking to give your walls a homely look, then consider using wall cladding which gives off that effect. You don’t have to stop there as ceiling cladding is also available to help insulate your new bathroom’s new design.

Add a touch of colour

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In a similar vein to updating your plain walls with cladding, another solution is to add a touch of colour to your bathroom’s overall design – not just its parameter and ceiling.
Consider all the features in your bathroom including your cupboards, towels, rugs and doors, and choose colours that won’t make your bathroom seem overly vibrant and bold.
Natural lighting is an essential part of bringing comfort to your room as it removes any claustrophobic feeling. Add some complementary warm colours for the walls such as cream, eggshell or vanilla, for a relaxing feel.
Another good trick is to choose three colours for your entire design, with the lightest colour covering around two thirds of the entire bathroom. However, try out sample colours first to ensure that these complement each other before you get your brilliant blue paint pot out and start getting splash-happy.

Use candles

If you’re looking to unwind when you get home, candles are the perfect accessory to complete your bathroom’s comforting appearance.
The inclusion of candles turns your bathroom from just another room to a peaceful retreat.
The scent of them alone is enough to give a luxurious feel., while alleviating your stress.
So, there you have it. If you want a peaceful haven for your home, the follow these tips to be well on your way.
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