Walk in showers are a great idea for a modern bathroom for a number of reasons: they’re easily accessible, low maintenance, and can add value to your home if done well. Wet rooms are great in both small and large bathrooms, but they’re particularly suitable for small bathrooms as they help to maximise the use of space.

Whether you already have a bathtub and are creating a walk in shower as an addition to this or you’re replacing the bathtub with a walk in shower, these walk in shower designs will give you some inspiration for your bathroom renovation.

Walk in shower designs

Glass enclosed walk in shower

Glass walk in showers are perfect for bathrooms that are not entirely waterproof, as they still create a distinct shower area without dividing the room completely. They give a spa-like, sauna feel to the room in a modern and contemporary way, while also allowing for light to continue to fill the room and make it look bigger.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can choose a walk in shower with a glass partition or a full length glass door, even choosing frosted glass if you want the extra privacy.

Wet room walk in shower

For smaller bathrooms or accessible bathrooms, a wet room could transform the way that you use the space. Bathroom wall panels are the perfect wall covering to waterproof the walls. Use a shower wall panel kit to help you to create your two or three sided shower enclosure.

Wet rooms mean that you don’t have to worry about a shower partition as the whole bathroom is waterproof. You will have to make sure that drainage in the bathroom is adequate to avoid flooding, which can usually be ensured with a slightly slanted floor.

Wall enclosed walk in shower

Wall enclosed walk in showers are perfect for bathroom renovations where you want to create a separation between the shower and toilet spaces within the bathroom. When you’re creating a wall partitioned walk in shower, just make sure that the walls are waterproofed with bathroom wall panels.

A wall enclosed walk in shower is a good solution if you would like to create a separate shower area to the main part of the bathroom for peace or privacy.

Walk in shower with a seat

Some walk in shower designs also include a seat or bench built into one of the walls, creating a comfortable place to sit down while showering and making the shower even more accessible for the elderly or disabled.

Best wall panels for walk in shower rooms

Swish Marbrex Roma marble wall panels

These marble effect wall panels look beautiful fitted floor to ceiling on two or three walls as part of a glass walk in shower.

Swish Marbrex Subway Bathroom Cladding

subway tiles

These wall panels will work well with black edged glass partitions or on half height wall enclosures.

Swish Marbrex Ciment Deux Bathroom Cladding

These bathroom wall panels will look great alongside white walls.