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5 Reasons Why Bathroom Ceiling Cladding Is An Essential Addition

If you have decided that it is time to renovate or redecorate your bathroom, you might be having trouble deciding where to start. While those major tasks like expanding shower areas and installing an entirely new suite will make an enormous impact, it’s important not to forget the little things – and while bathroom ceiling cladding doesn’t seem as vital, it can make an equally significant difference.
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Three Effective Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleanliness is vitally important within any bathroom space, so to help you achieve this in the bathroom of your home, here are three key and effective methods we believe you should put into practice; Continue reading

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3 Ways To Properly Plan The Perfect Bathroom

Perfection takes planning – you wouldn’t just throw random items of clothing into your suitcase if you’re going on holiday, and you wouldn’t try and ‘wing it’ when preparing or cooking a particularly complicated meal. Continue reading

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Bathroom Cladding: The Modern Alternative to Tiles

For many years, tiles have been a staple addition to bathrooms and for good reason, however times change and with that come new innovations that can challenge the traditional way of doing things. In this instance we at DBS Bathrooms are talking about the development of bathroom cladding and how it can now be seen as a real competitor and the modern alternative to the use of tiles in bathrooms up and down the country. Continue reading

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3 Areas Of Renovation For A Better Bathroom

If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom in the New Year, then it is highly likely that you are trying to plan everything out now, to give yourself a head start before you actually get started on the renovation process.
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How To Create A Stylish Yet Practical Playroom

We’ve all been there when you are struggling between the aesthetic appeal and a more practical approach when decorating if you have children. However, we here at DBS Bathrooms have the perfect solution that can combine the two, keeping the rooms in your home tasteful, yet child friendly. Our wall panels are the perfect material to place over your walls when you have children, as they have a variety of benefits that you will soon start to appreciate. Continue reading

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Advantages Of Installing Ceiling Panels Around The Home

The ceiling of your home is something that you probably don’t think about, however if you did take time to have a look, you would probably notice a lot of things that would disgust and shock you. Here at DBS Bathrooms we supply ceiling panels for your home, helping you to create a clean, and immaculate finish. If you are a bit unsure about why you should consider our ceiling panels, read on for some great advice.

Mould and Grime

If you take a look at the ceiling in your kitchen or bathroom, you will probably notice the beginnings of mould forming in the corners. Due to the moisture in the air that is susceptible to these areas, the condensation that is formed, combined with the heat, creates the perfect atmosphere for mould and mildew to start growing. With our ceiling panels, the condensation will simply run off, and the easy to wipe panels mean that any grime can simply be removed.

100% Waterproof

The fact that our ceiling panels are 100% waterproof means that your don’t have to worry about any water getting in-between any gaps, or leaking through the panels, causing damp or any other water related problems. This will give you peace of mind when there are those unfortunate accidents such as children upending the showerhead all over the ceiling, or a forgetful husband forgetting to put the lid on the blender.

Easy To Install

You may think that installing ceiling panels seems like a lot of work, but you would be wrong. All of our panels have an interlocking system where they simply slot together to create a watertight and secure barrier. Unlike tiling there is no need for grouting, which not only saves a lot of time, but also creates considerably less mess. The skillset involved in the installation process is also much simpler.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Is not all about practicality – our ceiling tiles are also extremely aesthetically pleasing. With an extensive choice of designs, colours and patterns, you can create a look that will complement the rest of your home. Providing a neat and tidy finish, your kitchen or bathroom will be back to its original glory.

So if that wasn’t persuasion enough for you, we don’t know what will be! For more information on any of our ceiling panels click here, or call us today on 01827 714 255 for more information.

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How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms can often be a difficult space to decorate; as they are usually one of the smallest rooms in a house it can often be difficult to make quality use of the space available, make it look attractive and create a welcoming atmosphere. Bearing in mind that unless you live by yourself or have more than one bathroom, you will be sharing it with a number of other people, and these top tips can enable you to make the most of a small bathroom; Continue reading

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How To Recreate A Place Of Luxury In Your Bathroom

When it comes to your bathroom you want it to look as good as new all of the time. It should be a place of luxury, and a retreat that you can go to when you have had a busy day and have a soak in the tub. What if, however, you were having a relaxing soak in the tub, and what you see instantly makes your room of indulgence seem like a faraway place. The black spread of mould in the corner of ceiling is enough to make anyone never want to use the bathroom again. Continue reading

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