Bringing colour into the bathroom can strike fear into even the bravest DIYers heart. Our fear of coloured bathroom suites means that the only space left for colour in the bathroom is often either on the walls or on the floor.

If you’re ready to face your fears and try something new in the bathroom, however, a fresh and modern bathroom colour scheme can be the best and most economical way to do it. Choosing a unique colour will allow you to update the bathroom quickly whilst displaying the personality of your home – but what’s the best bathroom colour scheme for you?

Go dark

Dark colours in the bathroom have made a comeback and are now regarded as being one of the best ways to incorporate colour in a way that seems luxurious. Grey and black give a modern, utilitarian look, and will go with any pre-existing bathroom accessories you may have.
If you have a small bathroom, counteract the dark colour scheme with light grey bathroom wall panels in specific areas, or add in a large mirror and spotlighting to reflect the light around the room and avoid it looking too small. You can even add plants and a wooden framed mirror to complete the Scandinavian bathroom look.

Modern neutrals

Years ago, a ‘neutral’ home meant walls of magnolia or plain white, with perhaps accents of colour found on feature walls or in-home accessories. These days, the word neutral encompasses all sorts of wonderful earth tones, that are warm enough to bring personality to your home, without distracting from the beauty of the things inside.
Grey or putty are great colours for the bathroom, as they work well against white bathroom suites. Layer other tones of the same colour to create a natural, sophisticated look. Sandstone effect wall panels are also a great way to bring a neutral base into your bathroom and will look perfect alongside neutral walls.

Bathe in blue

When going for a bold colour in the bathroom, be sure to keep your bathroom suite white, and paint any woodwork the same shade to keep the look fresh and modern. Jewel tones like dark blue and forest green evoke nature whilst keeping things elegant. Each of these colours look great offset next to other neutral tones, meaning that they’re ideal for use alongside grey bathroom wall panels or tiles.
Blue is a particularly suitable colour for use in the bathroom because of its associations with moods of tranquillity, relaxation, and mindfulness. It might also make financial sense, as blue bathrooms also supposedly increase the resell value of a house!