Redecorating is exciting, but we all know what happens. We go on Pinterest to get inspired, have a few hundred ideas rolling round in our heads, and then wonder how on earth to realise them. The danger with following trends is that a year or two down the line, the trend could be over, and you could be left with a room that needs updating.
The trends in this blog have been around long enough to prove their worth. Often harking back to vintage or industrial looks, they’re sure to be timeless – ensuring you have a beautiful bathroom that will stay in fashion for years to come.

Marble or slate walls

Although covering your bathroom head to toe in marble or slate can add a sense of luxury to the room, it most definitely isn’t financially viable for most people. Instead, use marble effect wall panels to create a stunning look in the home. Style them with chrome, gold or black fixtures, and plenty of plants – it’ll help you to achieve the spa-inspired bathroom look of your dreams.

Black fixtures

New bathroom fixtures can have real transformative power in the bathroom, especially if your current taps and shower are chipped or stained. Black fixtures and fittings are a modern way to update your bathroom, and their matt finish won’t scratch as easily. Set against white tiles as a monochrome contrast, these are perfect for conversion properties or apartments as they offer a minimal, industrial feel.

Plants and wood

Bring a flavour of the outdoors into your bathroom by choosing plants that will thrive in humid environments. Crotons, aloe vera and ferns are all ideal, although they’ll only grow in bathrooms with natural light. They’ll absorb water through bathroom steam, meaning that the plants will require less upkeep.
To further enhance the natural vibe, bring luxurious wood elements into the bathroom through accessories. Whether it’s a bamboo plant stand, wooden bath bridge or a freestanding wooden towel rail, these add-ons will be the parts of the bathroom that make it stand out. You could even take the wood theme further, and sand down your doors or floorboards if you live in a period property.

Statement walls

If marble wall panels aren’t enough of a statement, consider buying bright and bold bathroom-suitable wallpaper. Going for a bright or dark colour on all four walls could be a great choice for any sized bathroom, as long as there is adequate lighting. Make use of mirrors to make the space appear bigger.
Although neutral colour schemes have long been the dominant force in bathroom design, bold statement walls are simple enough that they won’t ever look outdated, as long as you avoid the wrong colours.