Kitchen renovation is often high on our list of jobs, as it's the room that quickly becomes the heart of the home. Whether you've just moved into somewhere new, or even if you haven't redecorated the kitchen in a good few years, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about a kitchen makeover.

Wondering where to begin? To help you in your endeavour we’ve created the following guide which is jam packed with useful hints and tips on how to decorate your kitchen on a budget.

1. Choose a Style

Kitchens are relatively expensive to replace, so any kitchen renovation should seek one thing: timelessness. Choose neutral cupboards and worktops for maximum effect. Today, grey, white or wooden cupboards with either wooden or marble countertops are popular. Before you choose something bold, ask yourself: 'will we still like this style in five years' time?' or 'will potential buyers like this?'. Asking these hard questions at the point of purchase is a great way to ensure that you make the right decision in the long term.

Then, choose a style and stick with it. Country kitchen you're thing? Tile-effect splashbacks might look great. This will give you some direction and add continuity to the whole theme of the kitchen.

If brand new kitchen cabinets are out of your budget, think about replacing only the doors, or perhaps just the worktops. You could even take the doors off, remove the vinyl or sand them back, and repaint in a modern colour of your choice.


2. Tackle the walls

A lick of paint can make all the difference. If your kitchen is feeling dated, choosing a new colour for the paintwork could be the most exciting part of the renovation. Once you've chosen your wall colour to go along with your newly painted kitchen cabinets, you can think about the splashbacks.

Certain kitchen wall panels are well suited to being used as splashbacks. Easy to wipe down and sanitise, they're a fantastic solution. They're also quick to install and the walls don't need to be prepped before hand. Mount them over your existing splashbacks with adhesive and you're good to go!

Grey Mosaic Cladding

These grey mosaic wall panels are a great way to add a splashback to your kitchen. The small tiles will look great against any colour kitchen - white, black or even coloured.

Ciment Deux Cladding

For period homes, these wall panels are a fantastic way to add character to the kitchen. Simply cut them to size and add as a kitchen splashback.

Subway Tile Cladding

These subway tile wall panels are a great way to update your kitchen. Their neutrality means that they will go with almost any style of kitchen.

Roma Marble Cladding

For something to really elevate the space, these marble wall panels are a great idea

3. Update Blinds, Lighting & Accessories

Another great tip for updating a kitchen is to replace the blinds, lighting and current utensils in your kitchen with new ones. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these features can transform the appearance of your kitchen. If you want to change or update your kitchen sink or taps, then try online on eBay, Amazon or even Facebook Marketplace.

These are our top frugal tips on how to decorate your kitchen on a budget. We hope they have helped, and if you have any tips which you want to share please post them below and share the knowledge!