If your kitchen has seen better days and you are looking for a quick way of updating its appearance, then you should consider wall cladding. Wall cladding is fantastic, and because you can fit it yourself and it can be installed over your existing tiles – it’s quick, easy and affordable.
We have lots of styles and looks to choose from, and to give you an exclusive insight into our personal favourites we’ve devised the following guide.

Plastivan Mosaic Almond

If you want to create a traditional cottage theme with a contemporary twist then this is the perfect wall cladding for you. It’s light in colour, however due to the fact that it creates the illusion of small mosaic tiles it adds texture, detail and variation into your kitchen which makes is very versatile. With this in mind you can choose to create a modern interior design or one that centres on the more traditional styles available.
This wall cladding has recently been reduced and it is now available from as little as £7.85 Ex VAT.

Swish Marbrex White Wood

If you want to create the appearance of wood panels in your kitchen, to create a rustic and modern kitchen space then you’ll be pleased to learn that we have the Swish Marbrex White Wood wall cladding available. This presents the illusion of wooden panels, however because it is plastic it is more hygienic and better suited to the kitchen environment.
Perfect for those wanting to creating a country chic kitchen space! This wall cladding is available from £7.85 Ex VAT.
These are currently our two favourite wall panels for the kitchen, however we have many more so please feel free to browse through our online selection of wall cladding today.