For many homeowners, nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a long day and relaxing in your own private space. But unfortunately, our bathrooms aren’t always as tranquil as we’d hope.

It's easy to let care and maintenance of your bathroom fall by the wayside when tackling the bathroom feels like a big job. Here we share how you can transform your bathroom into an at home spa, along with some top décor techniques to make it the most relaxing room in your house:

Choose warm tones

When it comes to redecorating your bathroom with relaxation in mind, one great tip is to use warm colours throughout the space. Warm neutrals like beige, greige, or natural stone effect wall panels can really make the room feel inviting and cosy. You could even work towards replacing the towels in your room with brown or cream ones, or add a neutral-coloured bath rug to create a spa at home feel. If you want to make a bigger impact, consider your flooring options too - wood effect flooring or tile effect flooring is a great option.

Use soft lighting

One of the biggest aspects you need to consider when creating a relaxing space is the lighting, so you may want to consider replacing blue-toned bulbs with those that are softer. Energy saving bulbs have a softer light, but if you want something more suitable, a dimmer switch will help you to control the brightness of the light as you like it. Install spotlights over your dual sinks or shower so that you can stay in control of the light levels from relaxation all the way to your daily routine.

Light candles

Candles are a great way to introduce some ambience into the bathroom. Choose lightly fragranced candles in fresh scents like lemongrass or basil to mask unwanted smells and lift the room into spa territory. When it's time for a soak, the candles can also provide the perfect soft lighting. Relax, unwind and enjoy your new spa bathroom.

Keep it fresh

Make sure that your bathroom is clean and free from clutter to really maximise the space. Ensure that clean, uncluttered surfaces stay that way by making use of in-built storage. Keeping the area fresh can be done by ditching traditional tiles and their associated mould, for plastic wall cladding, which does not require grout.

Use storage effectively

After de-cluttering, you could use hidden storage features to ensure that items such as toothbrushes, hair products and towels are out of sight.
This can be done through installing wall cupboards to store smaller items. You could also consider storing larger items in other rooms to make the bathroom clutter-free.

As you can see, you don’t have to complete major renovations to make your bathroom feel like an at-home spa. Don’t forget that our team of experts are always on-hand to advise on the best wall solution for your home; making sure it complements your bathroom and caters to your budget.