bathroom mirror over wall panels
Bathroom mirrors are one of those bathroom accessories that are sorely missed when you don’t have one. If the bathroom is where you do your grooming but you’ve not installed a mirror for fear of damaging your wall panels, chances are that you’ve noticed the lack of functionality not being able to see yourself brings.
However, after reading this instructional guide on how to hang a mirror over bathroom wall panels, you’ll have no excuse not to have one. Fitting a mirror might look daunting to the novice DIYer, but with the help of a friend and the right drill, it’s quite straightforward.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to hang a mirror in your panelled bathroom

Before you start, you’ll need:

  • a pipe and wire detector
  • a mirror with predrilled holes
  • a hammer drill
  • safety goggles
  • a pencil
  • electrical or any non-transparent tape

After assessing the wall, decide where you want to hang the mirror. Most people hang theirs above the basin where they’ll be doing things like brushing their teeth, applying moisturiser or removing contact lenses.

Step 1

Over the area you want to drill into, check there are no hidden pipes or cables with a pipe and wire detector.

Step 2

Hold the mirror up to the wall. Get someone to help you with this so you can take a step back and check if it’s in the right place. Use your pencil to mark where you want to drill the holes, drawing drilling markers using the predrilled holes in the corners of the mirror as stencils.

Step 3

Mark the length of your wall plugs on the drill bit with a piece of tape so you don’t drill deeper than is needed.

Step 4

Drill the holes at the marked positions. If you need to get through a brick or stone wall, you’ll need to switch the drill to hammer mode. Then gently tap the wall plugs in using a hammer. Ensure they’re completely flush with the wall.
When you’re drilling through bathroom panels, you’ll want them to remain waterproof. To make sure they don’t lose their waterproof quality, use a silicone sealant after you’ve finished drilling your holes and inserting the wall plugs to seal the area between the wall plugs and the panels.
Remember to always wear goggles when drilling.

Step 5

Line up the holes in the mirror with the holes in the walls and screw the mirror into place. Use mirror screws that have plastic washers to fit on the front and back of the mirror.
Don’t overtighten the screws or you’ll crack the mirror.
bathroom mirror with wall panels
There you have it – 5 simple steps to hanging a mirror over bathroom panels without sacrificing their waterproofing.