Small bathroom

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, but even the small ones should be beautiful. If you’re looking forward to your next bathroom renovation, you could be wondering just how to decorate your small bathroom. These small bathroom colour ideas are ideal for giving you some inspiration.

Whether you’re dealing with small square footage or low ceiling height, these bathroom colours are perfect for maximising space and making an impact.

Keep it neutral

Neutrals are perfect for bouncing light around a space, and for that reason neutral colours have been popular in home decoration for years. Neutrals work especially well in small rooms, and will complement a white bathroom suite very well.

A neutral bathroom is also an easy choice – perfect for those who want fuss-free decoration that’s ideal for rental properties or homes that are for sale. They can be complemented with different bathroom accessories, and dressed up into hundreds of different styles to suit your personality or your existing design inspiration. This Moonstone bathroom cladding is perfect for creating the neutral look in your bathroom.

Bathroom with moonstone wall panels

Go grey

Grey has become more popular in interior design over the years and has often been described as a ‘new neutral’. It’s laid back and clean whilst adding an element of Scandinavian modernity – ideal for any room in the house, but particularly good for the bathroom, as it will do well paired against a white bathroom suite.

Grey also looks great in different textures, which makes grey bathroom wall panels a good option. Whatever the shade, whether it’s grey off-white or dark grey, don’t be afraid of putting a dark colour into the bathroom. You can even use it as a feature wall behind the shower or bath, like this from Swish Marbrex.

Grey mosaic wall panels

Bold is best

Although you might want to instinctively stay away from colour in a small bathroom, chosen correctly, colour can really enhance a small bathroom. Whilst it may be thought that painting a small room with a dark colour could be overwhelming, in some cases, a dark colour in a small room could actually make the room look bigger. Dark colours work in small spaces as they create dimension and interest – they have the power to transform bland spaces into something interesting, with personality. Choose blues, turquoises or jewel reds and greens.

Think about painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls or add dark colour up to half height or just over the picture rail and over the ceiling if you want to be cautious with colour.

All white everything

After the coloured bathrooms suites of the 70s and 80s, bathrooms have more recently been white since the 1990s. To modernise the white bathroom, go white on the walls and use metro tile-effect wall panels – an ideal tile alternative. White walls are crisp, clean and fresh – an ideal quick-fix small bathroom renovation solution.

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