The bathroom may not be the first space that springs to mind when considering a vintage style room in your home but there’s lots you can do to a bathroom to make it a vintage haven.

Don’t despair if your vintage vision is all fogged up, because we’ve put together our best tips and tricks to transform any bathroom into a quirky, vintage-inspired bathing space that’s 100% you.

Why vintage?

In the age of mass production, fashion cycles rapidly evolve; what was ‘in’ last month gets replaced by new fleeting styles looking to seize their moment. That’s what makes it so interesting that vintage styles are the ones that stick around for the long term.

Many modern, coordinated bathrooms can sometimes feel a little too standardised, leaving your bathrooms like so many others: dull.

And when the colour scheme that was previously all the rage is washed away by another haughty hue, you might feel that a premature bathroom overhaul is on the horizon.

By adding some simple vintage touches however, you can use your current bathroom as a vessel to house the quirky décor and shabby chic items of your choosing. But we’ll leave the thrill of the trinket treasure hunt to you.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into some practical tips to fashion your dream vintage bathroom.

Vintage bathroom design elements


Rather than opting for white tiles and chrome fixtures as most modern bathrooms tend to, embrace the vintage theme by incorporating PVC bathroom wall panels – available in a vast range of colours and designs - to create your vintage vision.

In particular, white subway tiles recreate that quintessential vintage appearance identified in bathroom interiors worldwide. This subway tile effect cladding establishes a realistic appearance by coupling a sleek bevel edged design with a high gloss finish, resulting in a classic, timeless feel.

For an arty rustic look reminiscent of a New York loft, opt for traditional brick style wall panels.

For those seeking a touch of decadent glamour, go for this tongue and groove matte effect white panelling, which includes dark grey grout for a truly authentic vintage look.

Marble effect wall cladding, on the other hand, will transform your bathing area into a mellow haven of relaxation.

Whichever cladding you choose to adorn your walls; a well selected art piece can make all the difference and further improve your bathroom’s vintage aesthetic.


Now you have the walls the way you want them, light them with period lighting fixtures and low hanging lampshades. Avoid chrome; gold and brass work best here.

Your lighting options also present the opportunity to fuse vintage charm with contemporary features. Use mood lighting to create the right ambience to suit your mood, while scented candles – particularly calming scents like lavender – can turn bath time into a relaxing spa-like experience that’ll you’ll emerge from refreshed and rejuvenated. House your candles in wooden holders for a true vintage effect.


While each period features its own specific accessories, a vintage bathroom can include numerous cherry-picked items sourced from a range of styles and eras. And if one of you is in awe of art deco while the other prefers something more subdued; a quirky, vintage mix and match style will satisfy you both.

But if you’d rather circumvent a culture clash, just one or two vintage pieces – an ornate mirror or an antique cabinet – can transform your bathing space into something that you’ll both adore.


A roll top bath will add a stunning vintage statement to your bathroom. Team it with a simple wooden chair and vintage light fixture to transform a stagnant space into a vintage boutique bathroom.

As well as adding a touch of class, a roll top bath taps into our natural penchant for nostalgia, making the vintage centrepiece the embodiment of a bygone era.

Also consider an oversized mirror - it’ll make the room appear twice as large, while reflecting the unique items you’ve placed in your bathroom. Copper or brass accents in the fixtures and fittings will also help to create the perfect bathroom.


Include plants and other natural elements for a calming, natural ambience that’ll keep you connected with nature while you wash away your worries.


Distressed, vintage cabinets and drawers can provide huge storage potential, while their quality craftsmanship and embellishments ensure they’ll stick around for the long haul. That old dusty cabinet in the attic? Buff it up and use it to house your toiletries. Upcycle an old chest of drawers to stow away your towels and linen. The possibilities really are endless.