bathrobe in bathroom
First impressions really do count in the hotel industry, and there’s no better way to make a lasting impression than with a modern and clean bathroom. Hotel guests will be charmed by sample sized soaps and fluffy towels, but if the bathroom looks tired and out of date, it could automatically seem dirty.

While lots of different bathroom features can help make a difference, from excellent lighting and neutral colour schemes to rainfall showerheads, not many are as distinctive as bathroom wall panels. They can be the perfect replacement for ceramic tiles. Wall panels have a long lifespan, can be installed quickly, and the low price point makes them a great alternative.
If you’re looking for a new wall covering for a hotel bathroom refurbishment, read on to find out why you should choose wall panels.

A long lifespan

One of the main selling points of bathroom wall panels is their long lifespan. Using wall panels for your hotel bathroom makeover is a great idea as, unlike regular tiles, wall panels don’t require grouting. Because of this, there’s no way for mould to build up, and soap scum can easily be wiped away without causing a stain. Wall panels from DBS should last for years if taken care of properly, and unlike tiles, they won’t ever need re-grouting.

Easy to clean

With bathroom wall panels, cleaning time is reduced in your hotel, saving you time and money. You’ll no longer have to spend time scrubbing mould from between the tiles with a toothbrush. Splashes of shampoo and shower gel can be wiped away and rinsed with the shower head. A hotel bathroom with wall panels is also a more hygienic option for guests who will appreciate the quality and cleanliness of their bathroom.

Quick to install

Coming up with hotel bathroom décor ideas that are easy to execute without sacrificing business can be difficult, but with bathroom wall panels, it’s possible to carry out refurbishment during normal hotel hours without your guests being disturbed. Wall panels can be installed quickly and easily, with adhesive application keeping noise to a minimum by reducing the need for power tools. They’re also available in different heights and widths which helps to make them less difficult and time consuming to install than tiles.

Budget friendly

Wall panels are a budget friendly hotel bathroom wall option. They’re sturdy and won’t need replacing for a long time. They don’t require a huge amount of cleaning, don’t take long to install, and won’t disrupt regular business. Therefore, by choosing walls panels for your bathrooms, you will be able to save money in both the short term and the long term, as well as making your bathrooms cleaner and more eye-catching.