The bathroom is where we get ready in the morning, apply our make-up or shave - and so light is crucial here.
If you're not blessed with windows in your bathroom, fear not. You don't need to feel like a limpet. We have some great design ideas that will brighten up the place.
So, just how do you create a sense of a light in a dingy bathroom?
We reveal how to do just that, here:


Installing mirrors in a bathroom are a great way to increase the light in the room. Mirrors will help to bounce your bathroom lights around the space and reflect them off other surfaces.
We need mirrors to get ready for work and bed - so consider them a space-saving dual-use hack! This is a quick and easy tip you can follow.
You can add other reflective surfaces to your bathroom to increase the light. For example, our sparkle PVC panels will add that extra bit of shine to your bathroom.

Use light colours

We all want our bathroom to feel like a spa and have that touch of luxury. Choosing a warm and deep colour, such as red or purple, can make your room feel cosy, but if you’re not blessed with natural light, it can also make a room feel small and cramped.
A great way to give the illusion of light is to pick a pale, neutral colour to open up your room. To avoid paying for a new paint job, consider our white plastic wall cladding.
Our wet wall shower panels are so simple to install with a tongue and groove method - even on top of existing tiles - and the best thing is, you can put them up so quickly yourself. And, did we mention that they're 100% waterproof? Another cost-effective reason to splash out.

Utilise the lighting

The way you install your bathroom lights will have an amazing effect on how bright they make your room look.
Why not install downlights, or spotlights, and place them strategically around your bathroom to help brighten things up? Make sure to position them towards reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, or your newly installed white wall and ceiling cladding, to get the most out of the neutral colours you’ve used.

Keep it minimal

The worst thing you can do in a dark bathroom is fill it with furniture. If you feel like your bathroom's drab, it can be tempting to overdo it with accessories, but if you fill every surface, the room will seem cramped and overcrowded.
To give the illusion of space and light, keep your design minimal and chic.
By following our advice in this blog post, hopefully we’ve given you some ideas on how to increase the light in your bathroom. We have a whole range of PVC panels and ceiling cladding to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams. Just get in touch with our team, who will be happy to help.