The bathroom is where we get ready in the morning, apply our make-up or shave - so light is vital to how successfully the room operates. Even if you're not blessed with windows in your bathroom, fear not, we have some great design ideas that will brighten up the place.

But if you have stunning natural light in the bathroom but aren't sure what to do with it, this blog will help you to maximise natural light in the bathroom.

Use mirrors

Installing mirrors in a bathroom is a great way to increase the light in the room. Mirrors will help to bounce your bathroom lights around the space and reflect them off other surfaces, meaning that the room will feel brighter in no time at all. Mount mirrors as a focal point around the bathroom - not just behind the sink.
Alternatively, the reflective surfaces of these sparkle PVC panels will add an  extra bit of shine to your bathroom.

Bathroom colour ideas

We all want our bathroom to have that touch of luxury, as it's one of the only rooms in the house that we can lock the door and truly unwind. Choosing a warm and deep colour, such as dark blue or dark grey, can make your room feel cosy, but if you’re not blessed with much natural light, it can also make a room feel small and cramped. Use lighter, brighter colours to maximise the natural light in the bathroom. White and light grey are go-to colours for the job, and they'll look fantastic next to wood effect wall panels or tile effect wall panels.

Utilise the lighting

When renovating a bathroom, think carefully about where to install the lighting. Although the middle of the room is the default choice, you should think about points in the room that are the most used. Installing down lights above the sink is a great idea - make sure that they are installed on a dimmer sop that you can control the light level dependent on the function of the bathroom at that time. Looking forward to a relaxing bath? Choose low, ambient lighting. Need to quickly apply some makeup or shave before heading out? Brighter lights will do the job.

Keep it minimal

The worst thing you can do in a small, dark bathroom is fill it with furniture. If you feel like your bathroom is drab, it can be tempting to overdo it with accessories, but if you fill every surface, the room will seem cramped and overcrowded. To give the illusion of space and light, keep your design minimal and chic. Arrange well-chosen plants, ornaments and candles around the room, but banish clutter like shampoo bottles and towels by using in built storage.