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For many home owners, cleaning accounts for a large chunk of home-related tasks. Whether you’re cleaning the bathroom or wiping down the surfaces after cooking a meal for your family, it’s no surprise that you want to find alternative ways to decorate your home whilst still being practical.
Wetwall panels are being coming increasingly popular for this reason. Unlike tiles, they’re easy to maintain and don’t require constant cleaning. Wetwall panels are also much easier to install than their tile counterpart, which means that you can use them throughout many different rooms in the house.
In this article, we’ve shared three practical uses for Wetwall panels in your home, along with how you can incorporate them within the existing interior design of your room:

Bathroom walls

One of the most common uses for Wetwall is in the bathroom. A great solution for bathrooms which require a material to make the room appear larger, Wetwall panels can be easily installed to give an interesting effect in the space you have available.
Wetwall panels also have the ability to reduce condensation in a bathroom; even those in hardwater areas. This means that there’s no danger of condensation ruining the design of your panels.

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Shower panels

Because Wetwall panels are made with PVC, they make the perfect wall solution for the shower. The PVC material means that the wet wall shower panels are completely waterproof, which means that you’ll never need to worry about moisture in the air or splashes from the shower leaking into other rooms.
Wet wall shower panels are also durable, so don’t be concerned if you accidentally get stubborn stains on the wall. Perfect for if you’re rinsing off after getting muddy, Wetwall panels are ideal for the shower and dried, stubborn materials can be removed with just a rinse of warm water and some soapy water.

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Kitchen panels

Another creative idea for using Wetwall within your home is to fit them to the surfaces and walls of your kitchen. Areas such as those above the hob can feature Wetwall, along with any wall in your kitchen that needs to be cleaned frequently.
Wet wall panels are fantastic for kitchens as they’re much more hygienic than traditional tiles. Since the Wetwall material doesn’t need to be installed with grout, there’s no need to spend time excessively cleaning the area and splashes of food can be removed with one swipe of a damp cloth.
Since wet wall panels come in a variety of colours and effects, there’s even the added bonus of being able to create a feature wall in your kitchen when using them.
Sparkle-effect wet wall panels are great for those with a small kitchen that they want to appear larger and brighter, whereas tile-effect panels help to achieve the look of traditional tiles, without the complicated installation and constant struggle to keep them clean!
As you can see, Wetwall can make a great addition to any home looking to improve their interior design whilst remaining practical. Don’t forget that we offer a variety of wet wall panels that can be used within your own home; we’d love to see how you use them!