After a busy week many of us will enjoy a soak in a hot relaxing bath. However, one thing that is certain to ruin the planned relaxing bath; having discoloured or disintegrated grouting, or tiles, which have cracked or chipped. Here at Decorative Bathroom Systems, we provide bathroom panelling that can make this scenario a thing of the past and allow you to enjoy that hot relaxing bath or early morning shower in a place of luxury.
Turning your bathroom into a hygienic sanctuary once more doesn’t have to either be hard work or cost a small fortune. Instead, you can transform the look of your bathroom in a day at an affordable price by installing our decorative bathroom panels.
Not only will these panels look fantastic in any room, but they also come with a range of practicalities, including the ease with which the product is installed and cleaned.


When previously decorating a bathroom, you’d be forced to fight with wallpaper and paste, or grout and tiles; but through our decorative wall and ceiling, tongue and groove, panels you can transform the look of your bathroom quickly, efficiently, and easily whilst making grouting a thing of the past.
It isn’t just flat dry walls and ceilings in which our panels can be installed. They can be as easily installed to damp or damaged walls allowing you to transform the look of any bathroom.


To keep tiles and grouting gleaming and looking as good as they did when you first installed them, you’ll require a lot of elbow grease and specialist cleaning products. Our panels have also made this a thing of the past, as all you require is a damp cloth and everyday non-abrasive household cleaner.
Along with the numerous practicalities which come with bathroom panelling, here at Decorative Bathroom Systems we stock a wide range of designs, all of which can be seen within our two showrooms and on the decorative wall section of our website. So why not transform your bathroom into that tranquil piece of paradise you desire, today?