black bathroom wall cladding
Wall panelling and cladding is the modern alternative to tiling, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go for a dark colour. Black or anthracite can create a timeless but minimalist look, perfect for adding character to your home.

Black cladding can be a practical way to update rooms around your house quickly and to a high standard. Choose to cover the whole bathroom for a spa-inspired finish or use tile effect cladding to highlight an area of interest, drawing the eye to your free-standing bath or walk in shower. Other than the bathroom, wall panels are great for creating a practical, easy-to-clean area. In the kitchen, use black wall panels to create a sleek splashback – it’ll look great contrasted with the chrome of your door handles and taps.

To create a bathroom feature

Cladding is versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways to create a feature in your bathroom. If you have a large space, why not use tile-effect black cladding to zone the area. Against neutral walls, this will highlight the sinks, bath and walk in shower. If you’ve noticed that you need to create more storage in your bathroom, its also possible to bring the wall forward with cladding to create shelved storage at the sides of the wall panels. As well as being perfect for hiding pipes, it also masks uneven walls – something that’s ideal for old houses.

To create an impactful kitchen splashback

Acrylic splashbacks are a great way to add a sleek, minimalist finish to your kitchen. With the benefit of being hygienic and easy to clean, their smooth, even surface with no grout between tiles means that there’s nowhere for germs to hide. Black wall cladding is ideal for use in kitchens in rental properties, as they’re easy to maintain and will last for years.
Black kitchen wall cladding looks particularly great when contrasted with white kitchen cupboards and chrome accents, creating a stylish modern look. Adding downlighting on the underside of the top cupboards is the perfect added touch – keeping corners lighted and setting the mood for dining.
Black Kitchen Splashback

In the utility room

If you have a utility room, it probably sees a lot of mess and dirt. It’s the first place you let the dog off the lead after a messy walk, and its inevitably where piles of clothes end up waiting to be washed on the floor.
Black cladding is perfect for use in the utility room with hardwearing design, a clean and neat look, and easy-clean properties. It’s also especially useful for homes with pets, as hairs can be seen and removed easily on the black surface.

In the garage

Add wall panelling to waist or shoulder height on the inside of your garage to smarten up the space. If you’re looking to sell your home, installing black cladding inside is a great alternative to exposed brick, and will be a unique selling point. With the benefit of being easy to clean and robust, you’ll be able to wash your car even when it’s raining outside – simply lift the door and once you’ve finished, brush the water outside.

To create a spa-inspired bathroom

If you can’t wait for a brand-new look in your bathroom, why not consider a spa-inspired design that will be perfect for heightening your relaxation. Covering every wall with tile effect black cladding will make the room feel warm and cosy, give it a sense of quality, and future-proof it for years to come.
This look is particularly effective in inner-city apartments, where bathrooms are less likely to have windows, as it is much easier to prevent mould and damp than it is with tiles. Ensure you install great lighting to show the bathroom in its best light – dimmer spotlights are perfect for this.