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Unfortunately, homeowners are wasting money on completing repairs - many of which can be prevented by ensuring that the property is waterproof in the first place.
Waterproofing your home doesn’t always have to be a huge renovation. In fact, you can ensure that water doesn’t work its way into the nooks and crannies of your bathroom by simply installing seals or specialist plastic wall panels!
In this guide, we’ve shared four reasons why you should ensure that your bathroom is waterproof, along with the benefits it’ll bring to your home:

Prevention of leaks

Arguably the biggest benefit of waterproofing your bathroom with wet wall shower panels is that they will help to prevent leaks. Excess water that drips through flooring or leaks through to other rooms, means you’ll be spending money on unused and wasted liquid.
Household leaks can also lead to other problems and affect the structure of your home. With issues such as warping walls arising through a water leak, failing to waterproof your bathroom can result in an expensive repair.

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Avoidance of damp and mould

Because excess water leaks can cause mould to grow on surfaces, ensuring that your property is waterproof is a fantastic way to prevent ugly bacteria from growing.
Not only can mould be an unsightly thing to see in your home, it also carries potential health risks. Mould can cause respiratory issues for old or young people, as well as those with asthma.
The best way to prevent mould from growing in your bathroom through excess water is to install plastic shower panels. Unlike grout used for tiles, plastic panels are not porous and do not allow moisture through them.
Over a period of time, moisture and water from a tiled surface are absorbed by the porous background, leading to failures. Wet wall shower panels are a fantastic alternation because the panel surface restricts mould growth and helps with the condensation of your room.

Better home insulation

When you begin to waterproof your home, it’s not just the obvious benefit of preventing excess water from escaping, that you can experience. In fact, waterproofing your property will avoid heat from leaving the room, dramatically cutting the amount of money you spend on your home’s heating bills.

Increased property value

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As soon as you’ve waterproofed your bathroom, the overall value of your property is increased. This is because a well-ventilated bathroom will mean cheaper bills for a homeowner, as they won’t be shelling out cash for condensation-related repairs.
Less damage on a property is more appealing to potential home buyers, so waterproofing your bathroom is a recommended renovation for properties that have been on the market for a long period of time.
As you can see, there are a variety of benefits that you can experience by waterproofing your bathroom. Now, it’s up to you to install the water-barrier features and see the advantages for yourself!
Remember that if you require assistance with waterproofing your home or would like to find the best panels for your bathroom, our team are always on-hand to assist.