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A luxurious bathroom is a big part of everybody’s dream home. You spend an incredible amount of time in the bathroom, whether it’s getting ready for the day ahead, or unwinding from the one you’ve had. Along with this, any friends or guests you invite to your home will most probably use your bathroom too, and they may make a  judgement on your home solely based on this room.

Therefore, you want to make sure that this key part of your house impresses, and represents your tastes and style in a positive way.
However, if you are on a budget, have a small bathroom, or are looking for a unique, individual addition to your home, then you may be considering a few options that are a step away from the traditional bathroom.

One of the most versatile additions to a home, that can simultaneously represent your individuality and improve day-to-day functions in your household, is a wet room.
Adding a room of wet wall panels to your house can be a big decision, and therefore you may be hesitant to do so without knowing if it will truly benefit your home. To make this decision easier for you, we have put together a list of situations in which your home might benefit from this renovation.
If you are considering a wet room in your home, read on to discover if this is the right choice for you.

Small bathrooms

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If you have a small bathroom it can be quite an impractical room to work with.
Manoeuvring between the sink, shower, and maybe even a bath, in a cramped space can quickly become aggravating and frustrating.
Along with this, if your house doesn’t permit you to have a claw foot bathtub and his and her sinks, you may be struggling for another way to create a modern and stylish bathroom. In this situation, a wet room could be the answer to your prayers.
A wet room is essentially a waterproofed room with a drain in the floor, which in turn, serves as an open plan shower. This will allow you to have a smart, stylish and sleek bathroom, that is easy to work with, even if you’re faced with a tiny space.
Our wet wall shower panels are easy to install, budget friendly and 100% waterproof, meaning that beginning to create your dream bathroom isn’t going to break your bank.

Changes in family circumstances

If you are planning on moving elderly residents into your home, and are unsure if a free-standing bath, or other feature, will be convenient for them, wet rooms are a fantastic choice.
With wet rooms, there’s no need to get in and out of a bath, which reduces the risk of any mishaps or accidents. As well as this, a shower seat can easily be installed in a wet room which will help to make your family members more comfortable in the bathroom.
Keeping kids clean
When you have kids that play sport, or enjoy any outdoor activities, you will know how this can soon change a clean house into a mud slide. And if that’s a regular occurrence in your household, you’ll benefit from a wet room!
Rather than letting your muddy kids traipse dirt and muck all around the bathroom floor, they can walk straight into the wet room.
Not only this, but you won’t have to worry about sticky handprints all over your basin and mud dripping onto the floor, as the waterproof bathroom flooring can simply be wiped clean, like the wetwall!

Low maintenance

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One of the greatest benefits to a wet room if you are looking to reduce the amount of cleaning you do, is that they are extremely quick and easy to clean.
If you’re sick of scrubbing every nook and cranny in your bathroom and straining to get in between tiles, then you’ll be glad to know that installing a wet room essentially gives you one surface to clean. Additionally, a wetwall does not require grout, so make things even easier to clean.
There you have it, a few situations in which a wet room can really benefit your home. If you need help or advice on which panels or features will be the best choice for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be more than happy to help.