It might seem like using white in your bathroom is a boring and obvious choice, but this colour is popular for a reason.
Aside from adding a timeless and chic edge to your bathroom, the benefits of the colour white in your bathroom are unarguable.
If you are on the fence about a white bathroom, here are some reasons why you should certainly go for it.

Increases space

It’s no secret that white gives the illusion of more space.
If you’re stuck with a small and cramped bathroom, you'll want to avoid dark colours altogether.
Using white on walls and floors is an inexpensive way to make your bathroom seem much bigger than it actually is. Our series of white bathroom cladding products will allow you to get that spacious feeling, without having to knock down a wall or two.

Accentuates your features

If you’re looking to spend a lot on your bathroom redesign, using white to decorate your walls and ceilings can make your features stand out.

Looking online for white bathroom ideas, you’ll see roll top baths and bucket basin sinks, all standing out against a plain backdrop. Using products like bathroom cladding on your ceiling can elevate the elements of your new bathroom and looking stunning while it does so!

Keeps your bathroom clean

The bathroom can be the hardest room in the house to clean. If you’ve got paint on your walls, wiping them down might not be an option.
Alongside this, if you’ve installed white bathroom tiles, scrubbing the grout will take up a lot of time but will be necessary to keep unsightly mould and damp at bay. These points could be to blame for the bad reputation of white bathrooms.
However, installing white shower wall panels to your bathroom or wet room will cut your cleaning time in half, as they simply need a quick wipe down. They also deliver the bright and airy feel that can only be achieved with a white bathroom!

Magnifies natural lighting

A dark and dingy bathroom is a nightmare. Not only do you need light to use the bathroom, for example when applying your make-up or shaving, but a dark bathroom doesn’t give off that feeling of luxury you’re looking for.

If you’re lacking some exterior windows or the shape of your bathroom makes it difficult for the natural lighting to get around the room, a white bathroom could be the answer to your prayers.
Rather than choosing a deep colour, which will make the room look like it’s closing in, white gives the illusion of space and provides a surface which natural lighting can bounce off.
Hopefully, reading through this post has squashed any misconceptions you have about white bathrooms and reminded you of why white is the perfect choice for this room.
If you want to discuss our white wall panels, or any of the other products on the site, feel free to get in touch today and we will be sure to help you out as much as we can!