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If you’re considering installing bathroom panels in your home, you may not be aware of all the benefits that this alternative walling type can bring to your home.
Along with the advantage of easier installation than typically tiled walls, bathroom panels are also much easier to clean than their alternative. This means that instead of spending time cleaning the area, you can spend time doing what the room is for… relaxing!
In this guide, we’ve shared the four most common types of bathroom wall panels that you can install in your bathroom, along with how to find out which will be most suited to your own space:

Tile-effect panels

If you love the traditional look of a tiled bathroom, you can still get the same outcome using tile-effect panels. They are a fantastic way to replicate the tile appearance whilst eliminating the need to constantly clean the grout.
Tile-effect bathroom panels are also easier to install. Unlike tiles where you need to mess about with loads of tile spacers and apply grout which can be messy, wall panels can be installed to cover a larger surface area. This makes installation much quicker, even if you don’t consider yourself a handyman!

Sparkle-effect panels

If you’re looking to revamp your bathroom with a more modern appearance, you could select sparkle-effect bathroom panels as your design of choice.
This type of wall panel is fantastic for smaller or windowless bathrooms because the small mirror-like flecks within the design help to bounce light around the space, making it appear much bigger.
Sparkle panels also come with compatible trims, allowing you to ensure that the wall panels blend in seamlessly with your bathroom’s existing interior design.

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Marble panels

Another popular PVC wall panel design comes in the form of marble and is well-suited to bathrooms which are looking for an interesting effect.
Marble wall panels can be a great cost-effective alternative to marble slates which can be expensive to purchase and install. Our PVC panels also have a gloss finish to help your home look sleek, stylish and clean.

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Wood-effect panels

Because wood is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens, you may be looking for an alternative wall solution that can help to give a wooden appearance without the requirement to clean excessively.
On real wood surfaces, stains can be stubborn and hard to remove. However, on wood-effect wall panels, stains can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth and no permanent damage will be visible.
Now that you understand the variety in PVC wall panels designs, it’s time for you to pick! Don’t forget that our specialist team are always here to advise on the best design for your home; simply get in touch with us today to find out more.