If you have decided to invest in some home improvement projects to add value to your property, focussing on the bathroom could be a great idea. A bathroom makeover is the perfect way of creating a luxurious and relaxing space that can add value and enjoyment to your home.

Of course, getting the design right is a crucial step, so read through this post if you need some inspiration and find out more about five of the latest design trends to hit bathrooms this year.

Seaside Style

The so-called seaside style is set to become a big design trend this year. Bathrooms and shower rooms are all about the flow of water, and with just a few design touches you can truly transform your daily shower into a natural and beach-inspired experience. Simply adding some seaside-inspired touches will go a long way. Next time you're on the beach, pick up some driftwood, shells, and rocks and play with them to create unique bathroom accessories.

Opt for a Mosaic

Mosaics have been adorning bathrooms for hundreds of years, and for a good reason too. Patterned mosaic tiles are here to stay, as they are versatile, will stand the test of time, and will add a luxurious and truly personalised touch to any bathroom. The trend this year is to create retro-inspired patterns and to add a splash of colour with mosaic tiles.

Embrace the Curves

Curvy shapes create a sense of comfort and balance so bear this in mind if you're replacing your bathtub, adding a partition to your bathroom, or simply updating your bathroom fixings or accessories. Moreover, curvy shapes can help you save space too.

Open Walk In Showers

There is something liberating about walking into an open shower, especially if it's fitted with a luxurious rain shower head. It's amazing how such a simple idea can turn your bathroom into a luxurious and spa-like space.

Keep it Clean and Simple

Uncluttered and minimalist bathroom design will always be in style. This year, designers are favouring monochrome colour schemes in classic tones like dark grey, jet black, and white. When it comes to bathroom design, less can indeed be more.
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