With a room as important as a bathroom, it is incredibly noticeable if the décor or features are outdated. So, if you’re reading this and thinking about your avocado suite upstairs, we can help.
The bathroom is heavily used by visitors, so it’s certainly a place where impressions of your home are instantly made. Old-fashioned designs and worn flooring won’t leave them with much to shout about.
Therefore, we have compiled a list of small changes that you can make to the room to bring it up-to-date and impress your guests. Read on to find out more about how to incorporate a modern bathroom design into your home:

Natural materials

Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / piovesempre (Via Custard Online Marketing)
Natural materials are a strong recent bathroom trend due to the unique atmosphere that they bring to a bathroom.
Stone-effect panels for your bathroom can easily add a touch of class and individuality to a room. A bonus of this is that there are different shades of these available, so there will be an option available for any room, with no need to redecorate.
These convincing faux options are a great choice, as they available for a reasonable price and have the same effect.
Shower wall panels are a great addition to a bathroom, as not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are naturally waterproof and will keep mould and mildew at bay.

Get rid of the grout

Grout is an incredibly high-maintenance material. It is notorious for developing mould and damp easily, and requires regular upkeep to remain clean and look acceptable. And let’s not mention the cracks.
Therefore, people are beginning to realise that there are much better options in terms of bathroom materials than grout. This means that cleaning it is a thing of the past, and having it in your bathroom can now look outdated.
Waterproof bathroom flooring and bathroom wall cladding will not only require much less attention and prevent the growth of damp and mould, but they can be purchased in a variety of modern, stylish patterns.

Clear your clutter

Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / ismagilov (Via Custard Online Marketing)
Excess ‘stuff’ is one of the main culprits in making a bathroom look outdated.
Unnecessary décor and clutter can make a bathroom look tacky, and if not appropriate for the humidity of a warm, wet room, can quickly grow mould and become ruined.
Extra decoration is better placed in other rooms of the house as modern bathrooms favour the minimalist look. In a bathroom, it is best to stick to the essential items that you will use when you are in the room - less is definitely more.
Following these simple steps will ensure that your bathroom is in line with the latest trends and will leave a lingering impression – for the right reasons – with its visitors. For more tips on how to begin bringing your bathroom up-to-date, or to begin redesigning your room, feel free to contact our team of bathroom experts.
Featured Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / ArchiViz (Via Custard Online Marketing)