Because bathrooms are one of the least used rooms in the home, you may find that they’ve been neglected in terms of interior design and practicality. However, because you can make yours the most relaxing room in your home, you may want to consider bringing it up-to-date.
In this guide, we’ve shared the three most popular types of bathroom flooring that you should consider when redecorating, along with the advantages of each option:

Why is my bathroom flooring choice important?

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a different feel is to replace the flooring. Whilst it’s a major influence on how the room looks, switching your current choice for something more modern, can improve its practicality too.
Bathrooms are extremely humid environments, making them a perfect space for mould and mildew to thrive. However, if you were to choose waterproof bathroom flooring, you can prevent dampness and condensation, meaning that you could see a reduction in the time you spend cleaning the space.

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Types of bathroom flooring

If you’re looking at your options, there are several bathroom flooring choices to explore:

Vinyl flooring

One of the most popular options for your bathroom is vinyl flooring as it’s extremely comfortable when walking on it with bare feet. Whether you’ve just hopped out of the bath or you’re nipping into your bathroom to grab something, there’s no need to wear socks or slippers, and it’s one of the most commonly used types of waterproof bathroom flooring.
Because vinyl is also a great insulator of heat, you could consider it if your property is in a colder climate. However, bathroom vinyl flooring can be very difficult to install, especially on an uneven floor surface, so you may need a professional to fit it.
Vinyl flooring also has the negative aspect of being easily gouged, so you should be wary about dropping objects on it.


You may also opt to carpet your bathroom for a cosy vibe but it may not be the most suitable or practical option.
This is because carpets can’t cope with damp, as they are prone to mould as their thick material absorbs and holds water. For that reason, you would probably need to replace them replaced.

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Wood-effect panels

After a modern look for your bathroom? The final material you could consider as an option for waterproof bathroom flooring is wood-effect panels. This is a great choice as you can get wood-effect waterproof floor panels that aid with the condensation in your room.
These flooring panels are also extremely durable and won’t need to be replaced as regularly as other flooring options.
Because the flooring of your bathroom can offer both practical and stylish benefits, it’s now up to you to find your favourite option. Don’t forget that our team of experts can be contacted online. Whether you need some advice on finding the best solution or you’re looking to explore your options, we’re here to help!
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