If the mere thought of mixing up grout and counting out hundreds of tiny tile spacers fills you with dread – then stop right there. You’ve come to the right place.
Designing a new bathroom is a great project to keep you busy and give your home a new lease of life.
It certainly doesn’t need to be time consuming or tedious as there are plenty of ways to achieve a dream bathroom without dedicating too many extra hours to the task.
Our shower panels are a popular walling solution in bathrooms across the country as they’re a quick way of achieving a stylish, functional room.
To discover more about these perfect panels, read on:

Create a wet room

Wet rooms can add an incredible amount of value to a home and are the perfect way to wash away the stress of a long, hard day.
What may surprise you is that they are relatively straightforward to construct, and do not require any expensive materials.
Wet wall shower panels are waterproof surfaces that are mould resistant, and very easy to clean. Paired with waterproof bathroom flooring, these panels can be used to create a fully functioning wet room, that will be the envy of your house guests.

Multiple installation methods

Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / Vlajs (Via Custard Online Marketing)
Unlike regular tiles, there are multiple ways to hold your panels to the wall.
While we would always suggest using a wall panel adhesive to permanently fix wall panels to a surface, you can use multiple methods to hold them in place while the glue is setting.
For example, stapling, pinning, or screwing your shower panels directly onto the wall are all effective ways to hold them in place.
Plastic wall panels can be used to even out the surface of the wall and can even be stuck over existing tiles to lessen the time that needs to be spent refurbishing your room.
The best part is, there’s no need for grout as with tiles. This is perfect, as grout can get damaged over time making tiles loose, plus they require much more upkeep due to grime collecting in the grout.
Easy installation. Tick. But there’s more – these wet wall panels come with other advantages that you may be unaware of, making them an outstanding alternative to tiles.

Different patterns

Plastic wall panels are a great choice if you are looking to bring your bathroom style into modern times, as they are available in a range of different patterns and colours.
Whether you are looking for a sparkling wetwall, or marble effect panels, there will be a choice that fits your taste perfectly.
If you like the look of tiles, but don’t fancy the hard graft that comes with laying them straight, there are even tile effect panels that you can incorporate into your life. These are the perfect answer as they have simple maintenance requirements.

Fire resistant

Image Credit: iStockPhoto.com / JamesBrey (Via Custard Online Marketing)
Not only are these panels resistant to any water that might be splashed around your bathroom, but ours are fire resistant too.
These panels are designed not to help flames spread, as they’re constructed with our customers’ upmost security in mind.
This means that should an unforeseen accident occur in your home, there are security measures in place to prevent damage and keep you safe.

Insulate a room

Shower panels can take a step towards preventing damp and leaks, and are great for insulating bathroom walls, especially if your external walls form part of the room.
These panels help to keep the heat that will be produced during a shower in your room, meaning that you can stay warm during the winter months, without risking a mould infestation.
If you weren’t considering wall panels before, this post is sure to have shown you how much they can improve your home and life!
If you would like to discuss your options further, our team of bathroom experts are always willing to help, so feel free to contact us at any point.
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