When it comes to the internal décor of your home, you’ll undoubtedly want to do all you can to ensure that it always portrays high standards, but on the flip side, nobody wants to spend hours scrubbing and cleaning to maintain those standards; so you need to find something in the middle? The bathroom cladding we have here at DBS Bathrooms is the solution that you need! It’s easy to install, will look fantastic in many different rooms and requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking great. Still not convinced that this is the way to instantly enhance your home? Read on as we explain more.


Bathroom cladding will provide you with the look and feel of luxury, without the expensive price tag! The sleek lines and stylish designs we have available means you’ll be able to ensure your home is always first class with every choice you make.


A product that’s stylish and practical, surely not? That’s right, bathroom cladding ticks all of the boxes! You don’t have to worry about adding it onto your daily cleaning routine as it will simply require a wipe over with a soft, damp cloth. What’s more, it is incredibly easy to install (no fussing with grouting and prepping your walls for it to go up) so you can even install it over existing ceramic tiles.


Although it’s called bathroom cladding, it’s not limited just to that one room; it’s highly versatile and the reason that so many people are choosing it is because of just this! So, where could you install it?
- Kitchen
- Bedroom
- Utility Room
- Hallways
- Showers
- Playrooms
- Offices
The possibilities are endless when it comes to the choices you could make with bathroom cladding!
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