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Having a sustainable home is not only beneficial for the environment – it benefits your finances too.
Some of these changes can be completed in almost no time at all, whereas others may require substantial investment and time but you will soon reap the benefits.
If you’re looking to improve the level of sustainability in your home, read on to discover six ways to make your house more eco-friendly and affordable.

Have a shower instead of a bath

If you regularly indulge in a bath, this could take up around 20% of your annual water bill. However, from an environmental perspective, using less water by showering can help protect rivers and wetlands.
By investing in a low-flow shower head you could cut the cost on water bills even more, as power showers can reportedly use more water over the course of five minutes than a bath. Low-flow shower heads only use around 2.5 gallons of water per minute, compared to standard ones that use between five to eight gallons.
In addition to this a shower cubicle can take up a lot less bathroom space than a bath and can be made more prominent with the use of plastic shower panels. PVC wall panels are a good alternative to tiles as they are 100% waterproof and very easy to install, as well as clean.

Install tap aerators

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Tap aerators are the ideal solution if you’re looking to cut your water bill whilst not drastically affecting water pressure.
These features, also known as flow regulators, sit at the end of the tap and control the flow of water, without compromising the water pressure.
They separate a single flow of water into smaller streams, reducing the water flow and saving you money simultaneously.
According to an astonishing study by Waterwise, the annual energy required to pump an entire household, is the carbon equivalent of a return flight from London to New York City. This hits home just how much water is used in the average home without aerators.
Installing tap aerators is very straightforward and can be done yourself.

Fix leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can be a disaster waiting to cripple your finances.
Not only can they cause a flood in your home in no time at all, but they also waste water at the same time, costing you a fortune. A few tips on how to fix leaky pipes before you panic-call a plumber out, include investing in pipe clamps or wraps, purchasing rubber pipe connectors or patching up small punctures with epoxy compounds if your pipes are made of cast iron.

Purchase a low-flow toilet

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In a similar vein to low-flow shower heads, some toilets are built with saving money in mind.
Modern models use only 1.6 gallons of water per flush compared to 3.5 to seven gallons of water used per flush by standard toilets.
By swapping to a low-flow toilet, you can save an estimated 22 gallons of water a year, cutting a significant chunk off your water bill.

Keep lights switched off when not in use

Make your home more sustainable by keeping your lights turned off when they’re not required, as you’re going to cut costs on your electricity bills and save energy too.
However, the real effect on cost is determined by which type of light sources you have., Incandescent lighting is the least efficient lighting source, and should be turned off whenever it’s not needed. Even though the old-fashioned bulbs are now illegal to buy, incandescent lamps are still being used in homes and burn a lot of power compared to energy-saving bulbs.
CFL (Compact fluorescent light) is also very efficient, due to its energy-saving functionality, however, it’s important to note that its lifespan decreases if you keep turning appliances using it, on and off.

Use Wall Cladding

Perhaps the greatest benefit of having wall cladding in your property is the insulation it provides.
This means that you’ll be able to use less energy to heat your home and benefit from a reduced energy bill.
Plastic wall cladding is also 100% waterproof and incredibly easy to wipe clean.
By taking these tips on board, you can feel happy with how you’re benefitting the environment whilst saving a few pennies at the same time! For any queries regarding eco-friendly bathroom features, get in touch with our expert team at DBS Bathrooms.