The New Year inevitably leads to lots of New Year resolutions and home improvement projects – and to help you redecorate your home we have lots of special offers, delivering great quality bathroom panels at low, low prices!

Elite Range Sparkle Available from £6.45

If you want to add a touch of glamour and sophistication into your home then the Elite Range Sparkle is for you. Its flush high gloss finish offers elegance and refined glamour – and it’s available in white, black or beige!
While white definitely gives the illusion of more space, black is sleek and smart, perfect for those who want a clean-cut finish.
These bathroom panels measure 8mm in size and were originally £16.15 per panel; but luckily we have slashed our prices and cut it down to £6.45 per panel excluding VAT.

Plastivan Panel Plus Starlight Black From £5.59

For those who are searching for a subtle hint of sparkle, we have recently reduced the Plastivan Panel Plus Starlight which is available in black or white. The sparkle is very slight, and is just enough to reflect the light.
Originally £6.60 per panel we have recently reduced it down to £5.59 excluding VAT.

Plastivan Venetian Marble From £7.85

If you are after a luxurious finish than the Plastivan Venetian Marble, which is available from as little as £7.85 could be for you. It replicates the appearance of marble, and is the perfect addition to the bathroom.
Originally £16.15 per panel it’s a steal at £7.85 excluding VAT.
If you haven’t quite seen what you are looking for please browse through our latest collection of affordable bathroom panels.