It is undeniable that children bring a large amount of energy to a home, however, sometimes this can also lead to an incredible amount of mess!
Creating a playroom is a great idea, as it will give your kids their own zone to unwind and unleash their creativity, without wreaking havoc on the whole house.
Unlike any other room, this is a place that is only limited by your imagination. As exciting as this concept is, it can sometimes be difficult to get inspiration.
Therefore, if you want your kids have a playroom that’s as exciting as they are, and is the envy of all their friends, read this post for some of the best playroom ideas around:

Plastic wall cladding

While we would all encourage our kids to follow their dreams, and become artists if they want to, there are certain places where you wouldn’t want to see their art up on the walls – and your home is one of them.
Plastic wall cladding is a great option for a playroom as it helps to prevent this sticky situation.
This waterproof wonder stuff gives you the confidence to leave your kids to their own devices, safe in the knowledge that if they are messy, these plastic wall panels can simply be wiped down for an easy clean. They are also incredibly easy to install, making the whole creation pain-free.
As well as this this, cladding is fireproof, meaning that if an unforeseen accident occurs, these panels would not contribute towards the spread of flames.

Waterproof flooring

As spillages can easily happen in a room full of exciting adventure, waterproof flooring can also be a wise option in this room.
An overturned beverage or paint pot could easily ruin an expensive carpet, so it makes sense to prevent this by laying flooring that will look as good as new when wiped over with a mop.
This type of flooring is also more durable than wood or carpet and can easily withstand hours of kids playing with toys on it, and other activities that would take a toll on any other material.

Include a rug

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While a durable flooring is a good base to any playroom, if you want to give your children a soft rug and include something to brighten up the area, then ensure that this is an easily washable one!
A cotton rug with an exciting design is one of the best kid’s room ideas, as it is a material that can be easily cleaned, unlike wool.

Labelled drawers

Drawers labelled with days of the week or with various letters of the alphabet can encourage easier tidy-up times and keep the room in order.
Not only this, this bright idea can contribute towards a learning environment and help to teach your children in a fun way.

Exciting paints

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Chalkboard paint can quickly convert a plain wall into a chalkboard, which can be used both for fun or education, without worries of rooms being wrecked.
This is a quirky alternative to wallpaper and will help to create a unique room that will step away from the average playroom.

Upcycle vintage furniture

Upcycling old furniture from apps like gumtree or freecycle will mean that your room is one-of-a-kind, and you don’t have to spend too much on creating it.
It also means, that should an accident happen, and the furniture get damaged, that nothing is lost!
As you can see, there are many ways that a playroom can be made into a paradise, without breaking the bank.
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