So… we thought we’d share the great news about how our products have made their debut TV appearance!
We had the pleasure of being invited to supply some bathroom panels for Peter Andre’s 60-minute makeover show, which aired on Quest Red on Friday, March 2.
In each episode, the Aussie pop star and his team, including Linda Barker and Anna Ryder Richardson of Changing Rooms fame, help everyday heroes in need, nominated by friends and family, to create their dream home.

DBS to the rescue

We were thrilled to offer our popular bathroom products to help a lady called Christine Rogers from West Sussex, who hadn’t updated her home in 27 years.
Christine had never been able to afford the cost of upgrading her home but had worked tirelessly for the local community and various animal charities, committing every Christmas Day for the last 13 years, to help out at local church homeless projects.

Bathroom makeover

We were keen to see things spruced up in her bathroom, so we sent down our Swish White Marble Shower Wall Panels worth £636 and some trim to neaten things up – and the final result was fantastic.

We’ve never seen a complete bathroom in these marble panels before, so this was great to see. They’re great as not only are they 100% waterproof – they don’t require grout and can be simply installed on top of existing tiles – which made them perfect for the time restraints of the programme!
The workmen even used one of our panels as a splash back behind the basin which is a great idea.

Our recommendations

However, there were a few things we noticed that we wouldn’t recommend when installing the panels, but we believe these occurred to the strict time limits of the programme.
When the shower panels were being installed, they were cut with a very small hacksaw, which appeared difficult to cut. We would always recommend cutting the panels with a fine-toothed saw, jigsaw, mitre saw or even a Stanley knife.
Around the shower area, we noticed that the team didn’t use any bath trim and instead finished the panels off with quite a bit of silicone. Again, we think this was due to time restraints but we’d always suggest using our bath trims to give the project a neat finish.
Overall, the project was fabulous, especially the bathroom, and we were delighted to assist Christine and her family in achieving their home of dreams in a mere hour!
If you’d like any help to revamp your bathroom or you don’t know where to start, contact us today for recommendations on which products would best suit your home.