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Whilst purchasing and moving into a new house is an experience that you’ll remember for life, you may come to feel like you don’t feel ‘at home’ or settled into your new place.
It’s a dilemma that many new homeowners face, especially if you’ve moved directly into your own pad after leaving your parents’ house, but feelings of being unsettled can leave you wondering if you’ve made the right living arrangements.
In this article, we’ve shared four tips on how to get used to a new home and make your new property feel like a space where you can relax and unwind:

Use colours

Because new homes are often a blank canvas, you may find that replacing the magnolia walls with something ‘more your style’ will start the process of making your house a home.
Try injecting your personality through colour. Instead of sticking with the plain walls, you could consider painting the space in your favourite colour to give each room less of a blank canvas vibe.

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Change the flooring

When you purchase a new home, it’s not uncommon for the flooring to be as plain as the magnolia walls. This can make your home feel less cosy, so consider opting for 100% waterproof flooring for your bathroom or kitchen to give a modern twist for under your feet.
You could also replace broken tiles or a thin carpet with something more durable. Our Beach House Waterproof flooring is extremely hard-wearing and prevents damp whilst being stylish and highly water-resistant!

Add personal photos

One of the simplest ways to add a personal touch to a new home is to display a collection of your own items around your new rooms.
Framed photos and canvases make a fantastic addition to a home that you’ve recently moved into and because of the non-intrusive changes, you can even implement this technique in a rented house or apartment.

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You can also put your own stamp on your home by using accessories throughout each room. Placing a couple of new items such as rugs, cushions and candles help a home to look “lived- in” and will build on the basics you already have.
So, if you’re struggling to make a house a home, we’re sure that using these tips will help!
Don’t forget that our team of experts are always on hand to help with any advice you may need to update your bathroom or kitchen; simply contact us today to discuss your options.