Bathrooms can often be a difficult space to decorate; as they are usually one of the smallest rooms in a house it can often be difficult to make quality use of the space available, make it look attractive and create a welcoming atmosphere. Bearing in mind that unless you live by yourself or have more than one bathroom, you will be sharing it with a number of other people, and these top tips can enable you to make the most of a small bathroom;
• Choosing The Right Colours – Colour is essential in any room but if you are working with limited space it is vital that you get it right. Light colours are best for creating space in any room as they reflect light and make everything seem ‘roomier’. Try not to choose dark or bold colours as they can make the room look smaller and more enclosed.
• Use Appropriate Materials – As it is a small room that will be containing a lot of moisture at warm temperatures, it is important that you use the right materials to ensure that you do not suffer from mould, which is so common in bathrooms. Wall panels are a great substitute for tiles which can look great first, but the grouting in between can often start to discolour or act as a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Wall panels are easy to maintain as they can be effortlessly wiped down when cleaning.
• Take Care With Storage – If you have limited space you need to be careful that you use the space carefully. If you have storage elsewhere in your home such as an airing cupboard that you can store things like toilet roll, extra towels and toiletries then you don’t need to cram as much into your bathroom. If you can make use of external storage it may be best for you to get rid of any under the sink storage and instead opt for a delicate pedestal sink, as this will create more space. If it is essential that you have storage in your bathroom, try floating vanities and make use of shelving.
• Take Time To Look In The Mirror – You should make the most of mirrors in any small space including bathrooms. They open up the space as they reflect light around the room, creating a much more open area.
• Use Glass – Showers are much more space saving than a bath, however, you need to ensure that you use a clear glass shower door to create that look of space. If not they can provide a barrier in the bathroom which can make it seem even smaller than it is.
Now that you know what you can do to make the most of your small bathroom, you need to get a move on with creating the look you want. Here at DBS Bathrooms we can provide you with our high quality and easy to install wall panels – for more information on any of our products call us today on 01827 714 255.