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When a long-term rental tenancy comes to an end, it can often be a stressful time for landlords. The pressure of filling the property with reliable tenants quickly can often mean that repairs and redecoration aren’t as thorough as they should be.
The bathroom can often make or break a rental property for prospective tenants. Mouldy grout, dated taps and unsightly tiles have the potential to put off good tenants who might choose to go elsewhere.  Empty properties can cost you hundreds of pounds a month, so it’s important to not risk the wrong outcome. The bathroom should be clean, modern and welcoming – perfect for tenants.

Quality bathroom decorating tips for landlords

Whether you’ve been fully renovating a property for your first ever tenants or are a seasoned renting landlord that needs to complete a few updates, you always need to find the balance between quality and economy. With kitchens and bathrooms especially, it’s important that the space looks modern, clean and well-equipped. Use the following steps to help you to secure trustworthy and reliable tenants.

Deep Clean

Whether your property has been recently updated or not, without a good clean before tenants come to view it, it won’t be portrayed in its best light. Making sure that fixtures and fittings are spotless is time well spent, and if the budget is a concern, you can also do it yourself.
Consider giving incentives for previous tenants to leave the house clean, and then once they’ve moved out, dedicate a day to finishing up where they left off – removing mouldy grout, wiping soap scum and limescale from the shower and getting rid of any damp.
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In the bathroom, it’s important to know how to recognise when fixtures and fittings are on their last legs. It’s better to sort it out now, rather than in a few months’ time when tenants will no doubt request the changes before moving in.
Replacing tired tiles and mouldy grout in the bathroom with wall panels is a practical and aesthetically beneficial choice - they’ll retain their look for years to come and have no grouting that can get mouldy. Bathroom wall panels are also incredibly easy to clean, meaning they’re more likely to be maintained during the tenancy.
Replace the shower curtain and toilet seat. These are cheap but easy ways to enhance the look of the room – choose white or neutral colours, keeping things clean and simple.


Trends come and go, and things like moulded cabinet doors or mahogany bath panels now look quite outdated. If items like this are still in good condition, you can apply a bit of DIY know-how and have them updated very quickly. Use a hand scraper to chip off the moulding, sand them down and repaint them a more modern colour, like white or grey. Replace the handles too, if necessary. This can instantly lift the space and give it a more modern look that will be appealing to any prospective buyer.


If you have more than one property, it can be a good idea to use the same neutral colours in each house. Keep tins of paint ready to top up any general wear and tear left by the last tenant. Painting over scuffs can help prospective tenants visualise themselves living in the property. Touching up the little things like windowsills, radiators and skirting boards also leaves a good impression – showing people that you’re willing to make repairs when necessary.