After months of rain, snow and fog, it looks like better weather is (finally) here! Because it’s taken its time to arrive, you’ll want to make sure your home is Spring-ready.
The room that is going to give the most reward for the time and money you’ve invested, has to be the bathroom. Your Spring sprucing doesn’t need to cost the earth, and with a few tricks, you can quickly say hello to a fabulous new-look bathroom.
Here are four ways you can make a huge impact on your powder room in relatively little time:

Decorative wall panels

At one point in time, everyone wanted their bathroom to be covered in tiles. However, no one realised that they’re not only expensive at the point of sale, but also difficult to repair and replace, hard to remove, and add precious time onto your bathroom cleaning routine!
So, if you’re sick of staring at rows of badly-laid tiles, then browse our selection of  decorative wall panels. These panels can be fitted over existing tiles, and don’t require a tradesman to install them!
Our wall panels comes in a variety of designs, including our marble range, which will suit any neutral bathroom and create the ultimate relaxation environment. Those looking to relax in a tropical paradise, our red or purple waterproof wall panels are a great addition.


When you first tackle your spring cleaning, you might be tempted to replace your whole bathroom suite. The good news is, things don’t have to be this drastic.
Don’t overlook the small details which can have a huge impact on the way your bathroom looks.
Adding a few accessories, such as brightly coloured toothbrush holders, patterned soap dishes, towels or even a funky bath mat can make a huge difference to your design, without costing a fortune.
Remember not to neglect the little finishes to your bathroom suite, such as the bath trim, or cupboard handles, as these can be quickly refreshed, and will give your room a whole new look!

Change the paint

If you’re looking for a way to redecorate that’s going to have a bigger impact than new towels, your easiest option is to consider repainting the room.
When picking which colour to paint, you should think about the overall style or theme you want to achieve. However, the most important thing to consider is the type of paint.
Specialised bathroom paint contains properties which help prevent mould. Look out for mildew-inhibitors, to keep walls clear and bright.


Vintage furniture is all the rage now, and it seems like the bathroom is the one space in your house where any type of chair can fit right into place. For example, consider the ladder shelf trend. This is a great way to hang your towels.
These tips are just a few bits of advice which can help you to spruce up your bathroom for spring. Once you’ve got your inspiration, and your chosen theme, get in touch with our waterproof wall panel experts, we’re happy to help you choose your new panels!